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Thread: Are two heads really better then one?

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  1. Default Definitive Answer 
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    May 2007
    I saw a TV show where this small girl had two heads. The second head just sort of rolled it eyes and the mouth opened and shut occasionally but it didn't really seem to make things better at all. In fact, they ended up cutting the second head off and discarding it.

    So the answer is officially no.

  2. Talking update.... 
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    Mar 2009
    So Far Everything is going well on my own…. I will have pics up soon of the location.
    Thanks for all the comments!!

    Peter T

  3. Default  
    I am sure this will be a matter of opinion for most people. Personally I couldn't even imagine trying to get a haunt off the ground by myself without having a partner. It brings a lot of interactiveness to the table that you don't get by just having staff.

    Also having said that, having a large budget for the first year would negate the need for a partner since you could just hire consultants or any crews you need.

    To each their own I guess on this topic.

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    May 2010
    I've never worked in the industry myself, but as others have said, but I would think it all depends on the person. Personally, I would want to be a partner with someone I knew well and trusted, and who I knew was capable of the work.

    For someone like me, who's very artistic-minded but has absolutely NO business sense, a partner would practically be a requirement. And it could be beneficial to have someone to bounce ideas off of... for many people, it's easy to get overly ambitious, and having a more realistically-minded person would be helpful.

  5. Default Speaking from experience 
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    May 2008
    Killen, Alabama
    I just got out of a partnership that lasted for over nine years. Partnerships definitely have their pros and cons. Neither one of us would be where we are now if it weren't for the past nine years of doing haunts together. Our partnership lasted because each of us had our specialties. When building and operating a haunt, one has to be a jack of all trades. Designing, building, promoting, managing, you get the picture. With two people at the helm, this process becomes alot more manageable. With that being said, you must know this person very well and make sure that both of you have the same expectations and game plan. Neither of you must never forget that you share this business with another person. All major decisions should be discussed and agreed upon. Remember, in a partnership, you probably only own 50%. I strongly recommend having a signed contract outlining each parnters responsibities. Any haunt owner can testify that there is a lot a stress in owning a haunt. Sometimes this stress can be eased having a partner, sometimes it can destroy the partnership. With all that being said, if I were new to the industry and planning on opening up a haunt, I would take in a partner.


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    Sep 2010
    it also really depends on the individuals personality as well. Some people just have a real vision and they don't want it any other way.. this can cause the partners to butt heads constantly and bring many issues to the table. only you know how well you can adapt to bringing in a business partner.. do you tend to listen/like other peoples ideas? are you a very creative person who would be turned off by having others tell you "I dont really like that idea at all, it sounds horrible"?? the other way you could bring in a partner is if you both handle completely different aspects of the business. someone can be the creative brainchild, and the other person can handle the business/paperwork aspect.

    in the end, only you know how well you'd work with a business partner, but you have to be pretty confident or it can get ugly later.

  7. Default I say......... 
    no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look its simple if you want to be king be KING! There can only be one! Shane and its to much BS with a partner! Shane this time!!

  8. Default  
    I'm with those who say that there are advantages to either. If you are in it alone, you are going to get all of the credit if the haunt becomes something major, but you are going to also have more headaches in getting there, most likely. When you have someone backing you, the workload is lessened, plus you gain another's perspective, which is useful when you are getting stuck, as is surely bound to happen at some point. Some people tend to want things their own way at all times, which becomes more of a liability, so it really comes down to who you choose to partner with. You really have to weigh the pros and cons before deciding, in my opinion.
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    Mar 2010
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    If you need to partner up with someone, make sure you partner with someone who shares the same passion with you.

  10. Default I Have Recently Found Out.. 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    That one of the one things that seems to upset me more than almost anything else is when someone tells me that their Brother, cousin, Uncle, neighbor, used to come down to my house when I first got it, and they helped me build half of my haunted house, used a whole bunch of THEIR ideas too!
    I have a very short list naming who has ever done what here for me , and so far none of these people will be finding themselves mentioned on my list, because They are fibbing!" I have probably done 95% of ALL the work here during the last 25 years , ever since I got this house.
    "GGGR! Henny Penny baking bread all over again!
    I guess probably a partner would not have ever worked out here for me, huh?
    When working in the trades I usually worked alone and I would see how inefficient two men could be on a job, because they really could not accomplish the work of two full workers since one had to stop and tell the other one what to do. OR the yakkity-yak BS would fill the air , distracting them from considering the finer points of the job as far as saving time, doing something right the first time, ex cetra.
    Sure , heavy lifting it's nice to have another "back", but I figured out how to do such things by myself, with no hernias or injuries in good time too.
    I once removed a very heavy cast iron boiler, welded all as one piece, from a basement, up the stairs all by myself, loaded it on my truck too.
    "Where do want that new pyramid located Pharoah? I'll get right on that!"

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