Haven't been on the forum for quite some time but wanted to get involved again and hopefully stay more involved this time around.

I just wanted to show off some new stuff I'm working on for our show at the Huntington Jaycees Haunted Hotel, The 13th Floor.

Our new trailer I just finished:

... and a new costume I'm building:


The head is sculpted out of foam I cut using the new Hot Wire Foam Factory tools we bought at Transworld this year and then surface treated with cheescloth, acrylic paint & polyurethane foam. I was going for a charred, necrotic flesh effect - still have to paint it of course. It's built on a metal frame, articulated 8 foot long arms, articulated legs, lights & stereo sound built in. The whole thing stands approx 10-11 ft tall. Hopefully I'll be bringing the finished product to Midwest this June.

Anyway... just showing off a bit.