The LED Bulb pre-order period closes May 15th

If you plan to obtain bulbs for the 2009 season, place your orders now.

Due to the slow economy, we will only bring in minimums if the sales warrant it.
We will manufacture no more than 10% over pre-orders to minimize inventory exposure.
If the pre-order minimums are not met, we will manufacture only the new colors in the existing 18 & 36 LED bulbs, and update our stock amounts to reflect historical sales demands on those bulbs.

If we do not reach minimums, we will cancel production of all new - 12, 50, 72 and 120 LED bulb models - for 2009, and refund the pre-order payments already made.

Only Minions Web has create LED lighting to work with holiday lighting controllers and their many functions. We planned on providing you with the finest LED Spots manufactured specifically for the Halloween and Holiday markets in 4 new sizes and 3 additional colors for 2009.

In the past pre-order periods have been robust and we have always sold out. These pre-orders have been so successful the past 2 years we contracted 2nd production runs to meet demand. We hope minimums can be met for the pre-orders.

Please review the LED Bulb FAQs here:

Please review the LED Bulb Pre-order FAQs here:

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