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  • toxic waste scene

    Looking to make a toxic waste dumping scene this year, looking for ideas to make this scenery have more industrial look to it, already have toxic waste barrels made, black- lights,glowing spray foam and tons of wooden pallets just looking for more ideas to add to this scenery.
    Chris Riehl

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    We did a simlar room last year with the blacklights. We stacked several plastic 55 gallon barrels and put a water pump in one and filled it about 1/2 way. The pump moved the water up and into a pvc pipe that ran across the room and dumped the water into the other barrels (ran a pipe from the bottom back to the storage barrel). The dumping water was visible and glowed under the black light via Rit Dye mixed with the water....LOOKED AWESOME! We also cut a metal 55 gallon drum in half and welded both peices together to look like two barrels stacked on top of each other, put it against the wall with hunges and hid an actor inside, worked really good
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