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    I am going to have a room filled with dead bodies wrapped in plastic hanging from the ceiling. I would like one of the bodies to start shaking, wiggling and moaning when triggered. What is the best way to make it happen?

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    easiest way is a shiatsu masseger, best way is most likely a few air cylinders.


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      We did a scene a few years back with a "person" in a sleeping bag, hanging over a fire, tied by a rope. Ceiling fan motor attached to a flexible sewer pipe down into the sleeping bag
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        I built this prop for Fear Fair 4 years ago. It still works just fine even being outside all year.

        It is essentially this mechanism but with added arm motions. Full pneumatic mechanism with bearings for all movements.
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          We did a kicking victim (hanging from a rope against a wall). Used a windshield wiper motor (they're high torque) and made "skeleton" legs out of PVC tubing to put inside the stuffed victim. My varying the timing of the left and right "legs", it makes it look like the dummy is squirming and kicking. We used simple hinges for knees so that the legs moved a bit more freely. It did a great job of distracting people so the actor could do their job better!
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