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  • Wireless Sound Effects System

    Hello Everyone. We are in the process of building a new haunted trail. I am looking for some reasonably cost effective options for sound effects and scene setting music/sounds. We are looking at some scenes far back from the start for the first year being solely run on batteries or very little (far off placed generator) power. I am wondering if there are any good options for battery operated sound effect speakers?? Is there anything out there such as a speaker with sound effects loaded on a sd card that can be triggered by possibly an actor with a remote or key fob type controller?? If anyone has any tips for this type of idea or anything else that could be helpful to us feel free to share it!! Thanks

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    possibly your answer

    These might be what you are interested in.
    They sound a little flat but I think they might get the job done.

    Gore Galore also builds and sells a Actor worn and controlled battery operated system called the "SCREAM CUBE". it is a 16 tracks and randomly controlled by the actor, and also can have an ambient track set that will constantly run when the other sounds are not being selected.
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      We have two of these but you need to protect them from the weather.

      They are also handy for music during the build season.