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    Hi for this years haunt season I'm playing a character who escapes from an insane asylum and joins the carnival.

    A little background on this character I made up is his name originally is Bobby Bates but his other personality takes over. His name is BUBBLES. He has dissociative identity disorder (Multiple personalities i plan on having 2 ).

    I need some help on creating a costume and how act crazy and really get into character.

    My last year character basically only said get out and I'm gonna bite your head off and sacrifice your body to Satan.

    Any help is appreciated (:

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    I would create 2 complete character bios, I think a big part could be a reason why there are 2 personalities. Also I would suggest two that are extremes of each other. For example, the "normal" one, may be quieter, shy, very intelligent, almost sweet even, then the 2nd would be loud, violent, ignorant and thirsty for blood.
    Another thing that would help, would be what are you doing at the circus? are you a performer? Custodial/carney? That would really drive costuming, and content of your dialogue. And because of the split personality, you need to incorporate both. Like a subdued, well worm tie, bloody handkerchief or apron.
    Another important aspect would be body language and movement. Each should have obviously different ways of walking, and standing, interacting etc.
    Also think, male, female, or both? I would steer clear of gay, but like uber feminine Marilyn Monroe, balanced against super macho, or female killer, male subserviant could really give you a juicy story as to why the split.
    I have found, that if you really flesh out the story behind you character, the rest falls into place
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