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chair screamer audio help!

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    Originally posted by phreakout View Post Is one place where you can
    buy audio sounds for your props/attraction. Not sure if they sell the "screamer" sound you are wanting, but it's a start.

    I do agree with the others, It's not wise to pretty much say "I copied your project". How would you feel if you worked months on your haunt, to have someone say,
    "Hey, I copied your haunt room for room/scare for scare, but I need a copy of your entrance sign." It would make you quite angry, wouldn't it? Besides, if I built my
    own animation, it would be to do something different than what the companies are selling. If you know how to make animations, especially as complex as the one you
    showed, why mimic what someone does when you can make your own custom type of monster?

    Copied? I did not make her I said tried too but did not Im not going to though so get your facts straight before replying to a thread.