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I will not order one damn thing from Transworld 2018

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  • I will not order one damn thing from Transworld 2018

    I have contacted powers that be who run Transworld about vendors I am still waiting on product from 2016. I have heard nothing back from them on what they intend to do for vendors who do not fill orders. I will order from my usual reliable vendors of Poison, Distortions and Fright props. I normally drop $15,000 -$20,000 for Transworld. And even what I order from the ones I listed will be cut back. I have had problems with 4 vendors in last few years. I would spread it around to help new guys.....never again.

    Wicked Farmer
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    Seems like a wise choice. I always suggest giving new vendors a few years to get into the swing of things and make sure there are no issues that arise due to unfulfilled orders, quality issues, etc. Seems like every year there's a handful of new vendors that bite off more than they can chew.

    Even worse, there's a new batch of eager haunt operators that are excited to buy new and innovative products from these producers who may completely oblivious to the unfulfilled orders or quality issues the company has been known for.

    A perfect example of this would be Scarefactory. I have heard countless stories of terrible customer service and shoddy production quality yet every year it seems there's new people to the forums posting about how their products haven't arrived or have arrived in poor shape.

    It's disheartening to say the least. It's hard to expect to be considered a professional industry when such businesses operate with such low moral codes.
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    Zach Wiechmann


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      Who are you waiting on orders from?

      Larry Kirchner


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        Multi year problems...


        Ok you almost cant call yourself a professional haunter until you have a story about Scarefactory not getting you your order....that is a given almost. You post on here about them at show in Orlando and yet Scarefactory is let in year after year to Transworld. I let show know of SF unfilled order I had to go dispute route with credit card company a couple years ago....nothing from them. In 2016 Venom VFX (do not confuse them with VFX who makes the awesome puppets - puppet guys are good) seems to have let down several; me included; and I sent message to show about them. All was going to be Ok in 2017 and they would get me the prop at Transworld 2017 and Venom was even a sponsor/ hosted a party at the show and held drawing. Winner was told no this is not the light you won; we will ship it too you next week. Same next week line of bull I got. I warned the show promoter about some company, and the next year they are a sponsor of show and featured!!!!!!!! It blows my mind that the show would let someone host a party when warned about the company. You can almost pin blame on the show for allowing it to happen in 2017. And then add more people to list of unfilled obligations letting them back in. .And any haunter who did not get order filled by company they are warned about cant get $$$ back even if show did the right thing and gave them free registration and seminar credits for 2018 & 2019; it still will not equal what was lost. There are others I am still waiting on working with and or dispute process with credit card company.

        Wicked farmer
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          The haunt vendor industry seems to me too much like drug dealers who smoke their own dope. They themselves are enthusiasts of their own products and as such they don't treat it like a mature business. I'm completely turned off by the whole vendor conference thing based on their obsession with the conferences instead of obsessing on delivering product to their customers. On three different occasions with three different well known vendors I attempted to order a $1000+ order MONTHS before a conference. Like in January. I was thinking "I'm going to jump ahead of this chaos and get my stuff early." What response do I get? "Sorry but we're focused on preparing for the conferences right now. You can order now but we won't be able to work on delivery until after Transworld (or which ever it was at the time)." And it was literally 2 months before the conference they referenced. WTH? I may not be the largest buyer but when I'm spending thousands of dollars, I certainly won't be treated like an after thought to their crazed conference obsession. So I won't do it. I'll only order when the vendor says they already have the whatever in stock. Yes, I miss out on some cool bling. But I'm not as pissed off.


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            Venom VFX should be banned plain and simple!
            Jeff Newcombe
            Night Stalkers Haunted House
            Saginaw, Mi.


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              As it relates to Scarefactory on this very board they use to get hammered like ALL THE TIME! I use to defend them and call them on behalf of the person who complained. I use to help get a lot of buyers in touch with Scarefactory. Then I really just stopped ordering from them because their products would like seriously just fall apart on me. So I vowed to never order their stuff again... then they were selling these Zombie inflatables. I ordered 3 of them... paid 10k in advance. They didn't return calls, emails, nothing. I picked up some stuff from Unit 70 and had my guys go over there and find out why they're ignoring all emails and phone calls.

              Dave said we'd get everything not to worry... we got NOTHING! So I saw Dave at IAAPA and told him to give me a refund on the spot or else. He did. I have had a booth across from Scarefactory before and I've seen countless people screaming at them for not delivering, answering phone calls, whatever. I've had people confuse me for them screaming at me, I've had customers of theirs ask me to help them get their money back.

              It's like off the chain crazy... I have NO IDEA why ANYONE would order from Scarefactory. I personally feel they're the single worst company in the ENTIRE industry.

              Why do haunters continue to order from a company that you should already know in advance you may not get the order... and if you do get it probably won't work long.

              Larry Kirchner


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                Let me just add this one thing... it seems like a lot of the complaints when it comes to vendors is about new vendors. I think you take a lot of risks workings with new vendors. Some go to the show they have no clue how to fill the orders later. Personally I don't mind ordering from a new company but I won't pay until its shipping and only by credit card so i can get my money back in the event something happens. Or you can simply say I'll pay in cash and pick it up when its done. Giving a deposit to someone you don't know no way!

                There are some new companies that do exactly what they say giving an example this new Beastcraft Company. FIRST FREAKING CLASS PEOPLE! NO DOUBT! I ordered from them and would order from them again. FIRST CLASS!

                It's just a hit and miss thing.

                Larry Kirchner


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                  It really is a crapshoot. If you don't support new vendors ,they can't afford to grow into great vendors. BUT I see too many new vendors with just an idea and no concept on the REAL business side!

                  Honestly we as haunters are a big part of that problem. We see a new prop... the first response is...costs too much ...I'll make it myself. My friend Robert McBroom owns Studio Tek. I have also been a vendor in another line of business, so I have seen both sides.

                  I know what Robert did to create his Bungee effect. Several years of testing, ACTUAL calculations on stress factors, effective angles, strength tests to determine correct thickness of steel, special bungees designed specifically for this use, ect. Then I see haunters trying to build their own....always on the cheap... with no clue as to what they're doing. Lately a haunter is building and selling rip offs of the design MUCH cheaper.... and selling a bunch of units.

                  NO CALCULATIONS, NO TESTING, NO HEAVY GRADE STEEL... copied by looking a pictures and snooping at the show... and WE HAUNTERS buy the product! So who do go to when one of the supports snaps because it is undersized and it hits a customer injuring or killing someone?? The bungee snaps because the cheap haunter thought it OK to use it multiple seasons and now his actor is crippled for life.... but we saved a couple bucks!!!

                  To correct try build and manufacture products you need infrastructure and that costshe money which has to translate into the cost. Building things in your garage with inadequate materials is cheap and allows you a low price point....BUT....your low price gets you multiple orders so now you don't have space to build, you have to buy materials not use what you had laying around for the prototype, you have to hire people because you can't do it yourself.... you can't AFFORD to produce it at that advertised price!! You LOSE money on every one you build!! So orders don't get fulfilled!!

                  Several of the good companies were haunt owners. What they did was come up with an idea, build it, run it in their own haunt for a season or two, THEN put it into production. Their stuff always worked!! We want NEW...INNOVATIVE IDEAS...and we want them NOW! Your can't wait a whole season to test a product....someone else will come up with it!

                  I believe this is the main problem with Scarefactory. Dave innovated and brought a BUNCH of stuff to the show. Then the next year instead of 1 or 2 new items he brought in a whole new line...doubling the product line!! So every year we expect a ton of new props!! There is no way to test, or develop a product, you just need NEW. So stuff breaks, things fall apart...WE BECOME THE TEST MARKET.

                  You must decide, do you want it good....or do you want it fast? You never get both!

                  If you support the knock-off vendor you get a cheap, sometimes dangerous prop, and the original reputable vendor goes " ..why come up with something new? I'm just going to get ripped off!"

                  If you don't support the new vendors you lose the chance of them developing into a great vendor...

                  Transworld sells space...that's all. Maybe we request that all new vendors are placed together. You have to have some requirements to show in the "main" area. Too many complaints, TW should NOT let them return. Anyone buying from a vendor in the newbie area knows the risks, maybe asks more questions.

                  People, especially new haunters, see a new "garage" vendor showing next to a well established vendor and assumes them equal!! They see a huge display and assume quality!

                  It is a HUGE problem, but one we created and perpetuate ourselves! So it's probably up to us to fix.

                  Ask TW to group vendors, ask vendors questions, support GOOD vendors..NOT knock-off vendors. Do your due diligence or don't complain when you get ripped off!!
                  R&J Productions
                  Las Vegas, NV


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                    I have a shop and welder...

           17 years I have not made one prop. I never build something I saw at show. Sure I bet I am in the minority on that. I spend my time trading props around the country instead of trying to build someone elses idea. Ok yes I have had to reweld stuff from you know who. And if I didn't peek underneath one props skirt my giant scissor serpeant would have fallen apart after a few lifts because bolts had nuts only finger tightened.

                    Wicked too damn busy Farmer to build somebody elses prop cheap


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                      How much product testing does it take to return a phone call to a customer? Or to send an email regarding the status of the order?

                      Don't blame the free market for terrible service. The best service for the cheapest price will always win. If people die from your product you won't stay in business very long.


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                        I'm with you......

                        I'm with you 110% on this subject. While we haven't attended the show as a vendor to date, we have certainly been on the receiving end (or should I say the "non-receiving" end) of some vendors who have not delivered as promised. Some new vendors as well as some established vendors. We started fabricating props about 5-6 years ago, however it is only a small part of our structural metal fabrication business and we constantly work on tight deadlines with large companies which every year seems to interfere with our plans of attending the show. I can tell you in my main industry (structural fabrication / welding / prototype work) we work to very strict deadlines that are heavily enforced...monetarily! So when we started building props for this industry, knowing the issues on vendors deliveries, we decided that we had to treat it the same way we treat our main industry. Are we perfect? No...but pretty damn close. While on rare occasions we may run several days/weeks behind our delivery dates we are batting 100% getting everyone their orders as promised. Happy to it is again this year. and established...need to treat this industry as a business...not a hobby. Unfortunately, many cannot vend and be a haunt owner. Hopefully, the powers at TW start to take on this issue that continually is at the forefront of these forums.

                        Off of that soapbox and now onto a response to Rich from RJ Productions comments above. Rich, although you never mentioned a name in your rant, I truly hope you are NOT referring to my company? Since there aren't many companies selling Bungee Rigs, it is assumed you are. Since you've NEVER purchased anything from my company...let me educate you on a few things. To begin with, we do not "copy" or "steal" ideas as you suggest. We don't "go by pictures or snoop at trade shows" nor do we offer "rip-offs"!. If we see an effect that we think we can tweak, approve upon or add a different angle too, that we think makes a substantial improvement for haunters, we of course will do so. We have had many ideas "copied &/or stolen" over the years as most vendors have. Newsflash---It isn't just the Haunt Industry---it is EVERY industry! We try and offer OUR VERSIONS of a few standard haunt "staples" and try and introduce 1-2 new "Original" items every year...or as our shop time permits.

                        As far as our Bungee Rig is concerned, I saw this effect nearly ten years ago on a farm, the only thing I saw were the two uprights. Maybe this was one of Roberts rigs...maybe it wasn't? Have no idea but the remainder of my design was gathered from the portable Bungee rigs set up at Carnivals, etc. We built our first rig in 2011, ran it at our own haunt, tweaked it and ran it a second season prior to offering it for sale. I have news for you...EVERY item that involves an actor that we offer for sale has numerous calculations done by a local structural engineer we use for all of our this industry as well as our main industry. We extensively/harshly test EVERYTHING we sell...because we know how abusive some people/actors treat the props they use. Your phrase "heavy grade steel" is laughable. This sounds typical from someone that knows nothing about structural fabrication. Why do you think airplanes are built from thin walled 4130 Chrome Moly tubing as opposed to "heavy grade steel" or why race cars are built from 1 3/4" thin walled tubing vs. 3" schedule 40 tubing? DO NOT NEED IT! We designed our unit (as all of our products) to be lightweight, manageable and portable...most importantly...SAFE! When you know and understand structural fabrication you do not need to "overkill" a build of a prop. Most who are not experienced in this field will usually always over build a prop with unnecessary - oversized steel. Knowing triangulation, weight distribution, etc. allows for reduced weight = reduced freight cost to the haunter. This also allows you to trim some cost for the haunter...inexpensive does not always equate to "cheap". With only $550. in materials, my shop, with our jigs and fixtures can build one of these rigs in 11 we still make a fair profit. Some find it necessary to gouge haunters...we don't! This is the reason we sell about 15-20 rigs every year...Oh btw...NEVER had one break, need repairs, or returned in the past 5 years. Now as far as your comments regarding the bungees...we don't utilize a single strand bungee as Roberts design...we use multiple bundled Military-Spec bungees (that are built specifically for us and for this rig) for adjustability and safety...OUR OWN DESIGN---NOT COPIED! We don't advocate using the bungees for more than one season (unless they are only used sparingly at say a home haunt)...we suggest changing them out every season! Actually, I've attached your email to us a few months back where it seems you were doing some "snooping" yourself, apparently trying to get information on our rigs since you are good friends with Robert why would you pretend to be interested in our rig??

                        I have a couple quick questions about the bungee rig.
                        I can't see the bungees very well in your pictures.
                        What kind of bungees do you use?
                        It looks like there is a cover over it.
                        Do I need different ones for different actor sizes?
                        How often do I need to replace them?
                        How can I get replacements?
                        Can I replace them or can I get replacements through you?

                        Can you email me, I don't check this message often!!




                        R&J Productions
                        Las Vegas, NV

                        Lastly, I need to respond to what I really find really offensive and entirely inaccurate. If indeed these comments were aimed at me or my company, let me assure you I will defend my/our reputation at all cost... including litigation. Let me address some of your comments/accusations.

                        1) I personally have over 35 years of structural fabrication experience and am certified to weld in numerous fields
                        2) My employees are all experienced fabricators / welders / craftsmen as well
                        3) We have a full professional fabrication shop...not some homeowners garage as you indicate
                        4) The haunt industry is only a small part of our structural fabrication business...we work with government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, prototype work, casinos, chain restaurants, schools, theme parks, world record holding race cars, monster trucks, award winning custom motorcycles, etc.
                        5) I will put our fabrication up against anyone in the industry
                        6)This is not a hobby for my company...this is a professional business
                        7)We use only the best materials, try and utilize all American made products as much as possible and EVERYTHING is assembled with American hands!
                        8)We extensively test all of our products
                        9)We deliver what and when we promise...we stand behind - in front - and under...all of our products
                        10)We always try and offer the haunter a quality, well designed, safe product at a reasonable cost that will withstand the harshest use

                        Are we perfect? No. But we always strive to be the best we can - whether in design, fabrication, delivery, customer service. Ask those who have bought from us! We always like constructive feedback from our customers to constantly improve our products. We do try and introduce one or two new/original products to our line every year but time is limited with our main business.

                        We have built Spinning Tunnels, Hellavators, Tilting Barrel Racks, 50 Cal. Machine Guns, Bungee Rigs, Actor Leanin' Rigs, Wall Walker Rigs, Air Cannons, Fire Cannons, Electric Chain Saws, etc. with more to come. We also designed and built a ton of gothic steel gates, fences and entryways. We get nearly all repeat customers year after year so we believe our products speak for themselves.

                        I am sorry for those who had to read all this but when I was notified of Rich's post I had to respond...especially when it portrays me/ my company so inaccurately!

                        Rich, if you think anything I stated here is inaccurate, false or misrepresented...feel free to respond - either to this thread or to me directly at:, I'll be happy to discuss it with you.

                        To all you other Haunters...hope everyone has a great, safe and profitable season this year!
                        Jim Pashley
                        The FEAR FACTORY
                        855-NJ HAUNT
                        "WE MANUFACTURE NIGHTMARES"


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                          Hey Pickle....

                          Wow that was a barrage. Hey that tipping barrel kit I got from you a couple years ago....yeah...I never put it together. Traded it off before assembling. Hell not only do I not fabricate my own props after seeing someone elses stuff...I dont even finish a kit.

                          Wicked Farmer


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                            I guess we touched a sensitive nerve because I'm assuming someone from Scarefactory called and complained about this thread. OH WELL... stop screwing over people and people will stop hammering you over and over again. I can speak from a position of FACT... Scarefactory did in fact FAIL to respond to my calls, and emails. FACT I had someone in Columbus picking up from Unit 70, I sent my guy over to Scarefactory to check on our order. David took the phone from my guys and started SCREAMING AT ME and I mean YELLING AT ME ... telling me I had no right to send people over to his place to pick up an order.

                            I told him flat out if he didn't stop screaming I would go up there myself... he did settle down. Then he said something like he upset the supplier and they're refusing to sell to him. But that he's getting someone to intervene and will ship to me soon. FOUR MONTHS goes by no calls, no emails, nothing. Not until I personally saw him at IAAPA and demand a refund did he finally address me.

                            I don't know about everyone else's dealing but I've heard so many complaints its not even funny. I've gotten maybe 100 emails complaints about this company. When I'm at IAAPA at least 4 or 5 every year say that Scarefactory took their money.

                            So as they say there are two sides to every story... but when you get this many people you figure it out.

                            Larry Kirchner


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                              BTW... if NONE OF THIS IS TRUE David Fauchman has an account on this board.

                              JUST RESPOND and tell your side of any story. You're more than welcome.

                              Fact is you're more than welcome to apologize for problems in the past, you can address your future, and whatever you want to do.

                              Larry Kirchner