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  • $1000 for someone

    Make me a system using satalites that tracks and records every group through my outdoor haunt. Every time they jump, yell "Holy Shit!" and every other combination of cuss words under the sun. So when I ask them by picnic tables "How was the haunt" and they say "I never jumped" I can press a button and have satalite download onto a big screen just why their pants are damp; why their shirt is torn (showing girlfriend hanging onto shirt burying her head in his back and when he tried to run away it tore. Most people will admit they jumped when they hear every groupi n front of them screaming; but some macho wannabes cant admit they knocked over their girl friend to get away from me when I was going backwards through haunt and met "Mr. Detroit Red Wings jersey" on the trail at beginning then popped over to exit trail to interview him on way out. This has happened no less than 6 times this last few weeks. I want to record him saying "It didn't scare me" and immediately play it for crowd followed by his candy ass leaving his girlfriend alone with me.

    Wicked Farmer

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    Never had this issue until this year... and we've had plenty... and we're still under 1,000 in attendance. It's ridiculous because I have one of the hardest hits in the trailers and I'm close enough to the end I can hear them talking as they leave / go down the stairs. I've had several groups, JUMP and fall to the ground, piss themselves, scream bloody murder etc, get to the end and go "Man, that wasn't scary at all... " or "Eh, it was ok".

    SERIOUSLY?? Being so vocal we have people outside asking if people are getting hurt inside etc, and you pop your silly asses out going "Ehh, wasn't that scary"??

    For the record, every group that I heard that myself, had all been millenials / young groups. Almost everyone else was not shy about saying "DUDE THat was badass"