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    How do you delete a thread that you posted I have looked all through this page and I cant find the link.
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    Ive been through HELL on Earth. What can you do?

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    really tall chain link fence with razor wire? Thats about what I had thought of using if I ever have to move out to a place that was harder to secure.
    wow, and with no power. Thats a tough one. guess you could also check into a solar powered motion flood lights. - - - - - - - -


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      We are installing a system involving photoelectric dual beams, sirens, motion sensors and flood lights all running off a 110amp AGM battery and controlled by an EFX-TEK Prop2 with RFID access. Theory is when the generator is on, the battery will charge.

      It has various modes like silent (so if we actually wanted to catch someone), delay on and time limit if triggered. It also has the ability to dial a predetermined cell phone number.

      The whole package ran about $1600 - uninstalled.

      Gets installed next week. Might ask me how I like it then

      The entire compound is also enclosed by an 8' high chain link fence topped with three strand bard.


      Originally posted by Jast223 View Post
      How many of you get your haunt broken into? We recently had someone try to break in by taking down the window boards and breaking a window but they were not to get inside. They did however get to some electronics but it seems like they didnt touch anything. This is starting to p*ss me off. Is there anyway we can stop them at a location where we dont have a power line and we run off generators?


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        Which part wouldn't work?
        Heck you've got a built-in moat as your friend!
        Where we are stuck in the middle of a 50 acre field with foot access from all sides.

        No security system will be 100% effective all the time. The basic concept is to make it secure enough to thwart the casual thief. If someone is really serious - they will get in regardless of the measures you take.

        In prior years we have had thefts occur while someone was sleeping at the haunt! Now that's brazen!


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          I use the Pumpkin - Bullet system, my dogs even keep stray cats I'm not sure if you go out to your haunt everyday but if you did , a good dog could help keep out the bad guys.
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            This little rural town has an ordinance against installing barbed wire within the city limits, might want to look into this locally before you do it?
            Although you can make phoney barbed wire by tieing small rubber bands to a plain piece of wire and spray painting it all silver...cut the rubber bands accordingly.
            When I first got my house someone attempted to break in the very flimsy back door but failed to do so. I taped a note on the window glass that said,"All there is in the house are a few worn out simple hand tools but if you weren't smart enough to get in here, then what use could you even make of them?"
            Of course this is assuming they can read (not a "given")
            Years ago I was told by a 4th grader that her classmate had been bragging about sneaking into my house late at night, I doubted that he was actually doing this...then 10 years later guess who is jail awaiting trial on three house break-ins and attempted rapes? Same kid! Not a kid anymore! Makes me wonder if he really was getting in my house? I live here.
            It's a small town, our Police have a very few suspects to watch, so they get CAUGHT!


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              Maybe try a shark on a long chain...........


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                That's a tough situation, no 24/7 power.

                I'm assuming that your generator doesn't run while you're away?
                Thanks, Jeff



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                  how do you delete threads on this new version?
                  5 years in the business and still ticking
                  Ive been through HELL on Earth. What can you do?