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Does anyone know how to reach Monty Summers of the Edge of Hell & The Beast in K.C.?

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  • Does anyone know how to reach Monty Summers of the Edge of Hell & The Beast in K.C.?

    I need to get in touch with Monty in KC. I work for Texas Scaregrounds in the DFW area in Texas. I will be visiting KC in Sept and wanted to get in touch with Monty to see if I could come visit his haunted houses. Could someone please help with this contact info.?

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    Go to go to contacts or something to that order. That will give you full moons office. Then go from there. Unless someone on the board has his personal number? And I dont know if they would even get that out? I've been told they dont really give off season tours even to haunters?! If you said you will be there in September they will be open anyway they open like Aug 31st.
    Damon Carson


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      actually, all I wanted was an e-mail address, i tried the contact thing on the website and it doesn't seem to go through once all the info is in, thanks for the input, i look forward to seeing both haunts


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        Umm have to see the place when it is open.
        I know Monty pretty well and I only see some of the place when I go there.
        Unless it is open....which i think I am going to hit this september
        What the hell I got nothing keeping me anchored here....oh wait I do have to open the haunted house in October.......
        Gee could it get any better than this?


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          Forget about it... Monty will NOT give you a tour even if you paid him $10,000.00 and I'm not joking. Monty does not like other haunted house owners going through his haunted house much less some lights on tour.

          There is ZERO chance he will let you walk around through his haunted house, and when I say ZERO I mean ZERO!

          But I have his contact info and everything else but it won't do you a bit of good!

          Larry Kirchner