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Haunt kit for sale: Only $2,000

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  • Haunt kit for sale: Only $2,000

    Carl’s Playhouse is a small haunt based on character Carl Cleaver’s attempt at running his own Chuck E. Cheese style pizza parlor. There are several original mascot style characters: Sally Spider, Cuddle Clown, Harry Bear, Willy Bear, and Touchy Pete. This lot includes all of the items listed below as well as some more small props & scenery pieces and the rights to Carl’s Playhouse and all names & characters created therein. Some files to help market the attraction are also included.

    This lot does NOT include ANY walls or wall panels, or any sound or lighting equipment.

    It is currently taking up valuable storage space and we want it to find a good home.
    YOU MUST PICK IT ALL UP YOURSELF AT DARK HOUR HAUNTED HOUSE IN PLANO, TEXAS. We are not able to ship anything or deliver to Transworld. We are also not looking to part it out – all or nothing.
    This is a real steal for any amateur or pro haunter. There are lots of goodies in this lot for the low price of $2k.
    All items should fit into a couple of 16’ trailers or one 20’ box truck. There are lots of pics in the comments, and probably more to come.

    Serious inquiries email me at
    • Lots of custom printed coroplast signs and graphics
    • Pizza boxes with foam prop pizzas
    • Several rows of red vintage theatre seats
    • 5 plush/mascot style static character figures
    • Prop arcade cabinet
    • 2 Custom made “Ricky” & “Lucy” Happy Birthday cake props
    • Flag strings
    • “Smiley” kids shoes storage rack
    • Various drums and guitars
    • Huge “Evil Robot” pizza oven set piece
    • Carl’s “barrel O’ fun” kids slide with Timmy legs
    • Carl’s Van prop with built-in mouth puppet
    • Gator wrassling “ride” – UV light up platform with animatronic alligator from Distortions Unlimited
    • 3 panels dumpster facade
    • Chloroform jars, jugs, bottles, barrel, shelf etc.
    • “Broken robot” prop heads with internal light up LEDs
    • “Ball Pit” room: Balls stranded on ropes create a chaotic room in strobe light
    • Custom built “Clown eating kid” animatronic and UV painted jack-in-the-box housing
    • Multicolor LED hanging paper lanterns
    • Two 100’ strands of café string lights with extra bulbs
    • Over a dozen custom made Carl’s Playhouse character costumes; some are mascot style with light up eyes
    • Light up buffet serving line with nasty food
    • Several custom images and video files for the Carl’s Playhouse brand. This includes a generic Carl’s Playhouse commercial and preshow spiel.
    • Many more odds & ends you might expect to find in Carl’s Playhouse

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