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  • Vendors and Teachers Needed

    Hey everyone...

    There is going to be a big Christmas Halloween event at the Gatlinburg, TN Convention Center on June 30th, through July 2. We are looking for Halloween Vendors and people who would be interested in doing seminars or how tos.

    Planet Christmas is running this event and over the past couple years, there have been so many people wanting Halloween incorporated into it that the owner, Chuck Smith has agreed to let us have Halloween as part of the event. However, it is family oriented and open to the public so we were asked not to have any blood and guts and gore. (#*@%) That leaves us a few choices like how to painting masks, animatronics or anything that will not traumatize little kids.

    A 10x10 booth space is 200.00 but there are extra charges for internet, tables, chairs or drapes if you need them. You can also bring your own if you want.

    For the how tos these can be power point presentations or if you can complete something in 30-60 minutes, consider doing it live. There is no pay for the how tos but you do get into the event free.

    Most of these people do huge Christmas displays and animate their lights with Light-O-Rama or Animated Lighting controllers so anything that can be used in an outdoor display is a plus.

    If you would like to participate or can help out, please contact me

    Or Marilyn for Vendor space

    Or Jackie for How Tos -