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  • HauntSpace Bucky Skeleton Giveaway

    General Post.

    WITH GREAT PLEASURE, will be conducting it's first giveaway. members simply need to post below with an "I'm in". Only one registration per member NO DUPLICATE ACCOUNTS may register.

    Each registration will be assigned a number which will coorespond with the username of the registering member.

    The prize will be a BUCKY 4th CLASS ANATOMICAL SKELETON, purchased from our fine friends at THEANATOMICAL CHART COMPANY.

    The winner will be notified ON SITE and the user's name and address will be verified. The skeleton will be directly shipped to you, shipping will also be covered by


    1. The contestants must be registered members. All members must be CONTRIBUTING members. This can be accomplished by setting up a page, group or contributing to the site by posting resources, how to's or other Haunt information.

    2. HauntSpace TERMS OF SERVICE must be adhered to. HauntSpace is a strictly moderated ON TOPIC website free of profanity, flaming, politics and the things that make a website rotten.

    3. There are no cash substitutes. Forfeiture of the skeleton will result in another winner being selected. Winners have TEN (10) days following notification to submit shipping information to the administrator of HauntSpace.

    4. will select the winner via lottery style. There will be no fixes or favoritisms.

    5. The winner is requested (but not required) to post a pic of what became of their Bucky Skeleton in the 2007 Halloween season.

    6. THE BUCKY GIVEAWAY ENDS 9/1/07. No submissions will be accepted after this date.

    7. will assume NO LIABILITY for the Bucky 4th Class Skeleton, whether it concerns use, misuse, missing parts or injury, inappropriate use of the Skeleton. strives to be the elite social network for Halloween, Haunted House enthusiasts featuring comprehensive Halloween Haunted House Arts for Haunters of every walk of life.

    Best of luck to you for your 2007 Haunt season.


    Pete (administrator)