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ABOUT "Chamber Of Horrors NY"
All 4 Attractions Are Something To Scream About! The Boardroom - A live stage show that puts audiences in the middle of the chaos. Guests will be treated to a show that explains the backstories and characters behind all 3 haunted houses being featured this year. The show includes gory visuals, intense audio, live actors, special fx and more! Dead End Breakfast - A mundane bed and breakfast becomes host to murder, death and the supernatural. Alex Graves, a black market antiques dealer has brought the Necronomicon (AKA The Book Of The Dead) to this B&B for a bit of solitude while transcribing it’s pages. Upon reading from the book a portal of hell is opened and the residence’s guests have become possessed and savage. Can you make it out with all your limbs?! Not to mention your soul! Industrial Laughter - The Lestrange Toy Factory has always been a place of death and humor. In a factory where murder is found funny, getting out is no laughing manner! An industrial toy factory is what these deranged workers call home and Mr. Lestrange is always looking for new demented toys to bring to life. Will you join the the lestrange workers? Or fight your way through this foundry of fright?! Carnage - In a world where horror lurks in every shadow they have found a place to call home. This house was built with bones, painted in blood and lined with agony. Payne Ripper has taken residence in this mansion of the macabre and he is assembling his collection of family members. Serial Killers of all sorts have been recruited to join Payne’s Cult. An excursion through this house will lead you past Psychopaths, Killer Dentists, Cannibals and more! Will you give in to the cult and become a member of Carnage?
1745 Express Drive North, Hauppauge, New York, 11788
(516) 710-1845

Haunted Houses

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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1745 Express Drive North, Hauppauge, New York, 11788
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