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ABOUT "Chambers Of Hell"
Horrific, Traumatizing, Disturbing, Vicious. These are just some of the words people use to describe our experience. Chambers of Hell is an award winning event that has been officially voted New York’s #1 Haunted House as well as the 39th Best Haunt In America out of 4,000 attractions. Year after year our production staff known as the Hell Hounds challenges themselves to create more disturbing scenes, more elaborate scares and fresh characters that look like they truly walked out of hell. Our First Haunted House is the impeccably appropriately titled “NIGHTSHADE”. In The Northwest Corner Of Brooklyn New York Resides A Water Treatment Plant. Strange Noises can be heard echoing through the streets at Night. That is because below the streets resides Sector 1745. A secret laboratory working on genetic mutation and plant / human hybrids. That was until the test subject E9 broke out and began infecting all personnel underground. As you make your way down darkened corridors and through experimentation rooms you will witness horrific procedures, overgrown specimens and more! Plant / Human Hybrids have now overtaken the laboratory and are running wild in the halls, walls and even overhead! Our Second Haunted House is the everlasting battle between good and evil. Buried Secrets takes places in the subways, sewers and underground catacombs beneath New York City. You will make your way through the darkened subterranean world of the city whilst finding yourself in the middle of an unholy war between heaven and hell. Various Demons will attempt to steal your souls and send you to hell but multiple Angels doned in black trench coats and black eyeliner wielding mystic weapons are here to protect you. Our third and final haunt is a particular theme we have always wanted to do and finally are bringing it to life. I hope you’re all ready for Christmas in October because this is Slasher 74. It 74 takes place in Ulster Park, NY. A run down house sits just out of view of a dirt road in this quiet farm town. It is dark and quiet except for one night, Christmas Night. The local legends tell of a family of murderers that would kidnap people from local towns and bring them back to this house every Christmas Night. Once dumped inside the victims would be hunted and murdered one after another by this sadistic clan. The haunting sound of Christmas carols fills the air while the blood stains the floorboards of this house of horrors. Unlucky for you on your visit because tonight happens to be Christmas Night and they are more festive than ever! Good Luck.
1745 Express Drive North, HAUPPAUGE, New York, 11788

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Recommended for Guests 16 and over (VERY SCARY)

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1745 Express Drive North, HAUPPAUGE, New York, 11788
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