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ABOUT "UZA MysCreation"
MysCreation Haunted Attraction is a TRAVELING Year-Round Haunted Attraction with Holiday Themes. MysCreation has TWO Haunt Themes / Attractions. CHASM ** a deep, dark, fissure in the center of the earth, that will take you deep into the abyss of all the unforeseen monsters and vermin; far below. You may even see the obsolete, horrendous, creature known to all of us as DeJecTion. Will 'YOU' ever be able to make it out......ALIVE? WILL YOU? CRAZED CANNIBAL CAVERN ** Deep within the darkest depths of Chasm is a quaint place for "few" called Crazed Cannibal Cavern. Here you can find Junior and Sissy and their daughter Linzie and their mother, Mama. While Mama was still alive she always wanted them two youngins to have a son to work and play with their daughter, Linzie. Since Junior and Sissy did not or could not have a son of their own, they got themselves someone else's son and well, they had to eliminate the problem of his parents. Nick Smith went missing and was last seen playing at the neighborhood park not far from Chasm. So now Nick Smith is going to be known as "Little Billy", whether he likes it or not. Please help "Little Billy" or Nick Smith get safely out of the Crazed Cannibal Cavern alive and see if you can find and help Mama, too. That is if you can "actually" make it out alive yourself. You may have to surrender the weakest link(s) from your group to get your ownself safely out alive. I will be there waiting for you, just to see who "really" does make it out .... alive. 3 Different Levels of Scares: 1st Level is Eerily Entertaining Lights ON Animatronics ON with Live Actors and NO Scares 2nd Level Creepily Cautious Lights OFF Animatronics ON with Live Actors and MILD Scares 3rd Level Horribly Haunting Lights OFF Animatronics ON with Live Actors and EXTREME Scares
2935 West Libby Street, Phoenix, Arizona, 85053

Haunted Houses

Suitable for All Guests and Families (MILD SCARES AND HALLOWEEN FUN)

Haunted House
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Sep 20 - Sep 21 2019 at 6 - 8 pm Oct 31st, 2019 6 -8:30 pm Nov 1st and 2nd 2019 pm 6 - 8 pm


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2935 West Libby Street, Phoenix, Arizona, 85053
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