ABOUT "Barrett's Haunted Mansion"
We're baaaaack.... take a walk through our haunted history as we explore 30 Years of Fear. Some old favorites, characters from years past and twisted new scenes await within the mansion walls. "Condemned", our all new second attraction has been expanded with all new terrors. Details coming soon. See our website for dates and tickets! Our 2020 drive-in was fun, but we've been waiting for our return and need to hear your screams once again. Stay tuned. Look back.... look forward... look out. #BHMansion #BarrettsHauntedMansion #30years #wereback #Scream #LookBack #LookForward #LookOut
1235 Bedford Street, Abington, Massachusetts, 02351

Haunted Houses

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)

Haunted House
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Ticket And Price Information
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Visit www.BHMansion.com/buy-tickets for full ticketing options and events.
2021 Dates Sept 17, 18, 24, 25 October: 1, 2,3, 7, 8, 9, 10 11, 13*, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20**, 21, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30, 31 November: 1,2 *Darkness Unleashed night **Devils Night Tickets are on sale Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6:00 pm Monday-Thursday 6:30 pm The mansion opens at 7pm. If you are in line by the time the ticket window closes, you will be able to go through the attractions. See dates and times page for full schedule

1235 Bedford Street, Abington, Massachusetts, 02351

With the purchase of this ticket, everyone in your vehicle agrees to the following.

You must follow all employee instructions including directions to move or re-park vehicle. Employee decision is final. Refusal to immediately cooperate will result in ejection without refund. NO REFUNDS OF ANY KIND - RAIN OR SHINE.

Social Distancing:
You must wear a face covering (nose/mouth) when leaving your vehicle.
You may not sit outside or on your vehicle (ex. setting up chairs on the ground around your vehicle)
If you visit the merchandise booth or restrooms, a face covering (nose/mouth) and 6' social distancing is required.

Parking spaces:
An attendant will direct you to your parking space.
Please place the space number card (you will be given after parking) on your dashboard.
Once your car is parked, if you have to leave for any reason, you may, but there is no re-admittance after exiting.

Vehicle Height
Average SUV's must park in the middle section as directed.
Taller vehicles will be parked in the last rows only.
Motorcycles are not permitted.

Your Space:
You cannot, for any reason, save a space for anyone else.
Spaces are strictly first come, first serve to be fair to everyone.
You cannot sit on your vehicle roof/hood.
You cannot sit outside your vehicle.
You must stay in your vehicle unless going to the restrooms or merchandise booth.

Leaving Your Vehicle:
You may leave your vehicle for use of the restroom or visit the merchandise booth and you must wear a mask/face covering at all times.
No leaving your vehicle for any other reason.

Food can be purchased using the menu within this packet and will be delivered to your vehicle. 
Alcohol will not be sold and no drinking of alcohol in your car at any time.

Be Respectful:
We do not allow vehicles to run the engine or turn on your lights during movies if it gets cold.
Please bring sweatshirts or blankets (or purchase a BHM version at our merch booth).
During intermission you may run your engine to charge your battery/warm/cool the vehicle.
No smoking, vaping or drinking alcohol in your vehicle or anywhere on the premises.
You cannot bother other cars or people in any unreasonable way. If management determines that you are bothering other cars/people you will be asked to leave without a refund.
We reserve the right to make you switch places with another vehicle if a customer view of the screen is blocked.
You will be ejected for moving a cone, fence, pole, barricade or other items.
We cannot promise you the perfect parking space.
When leaving please exit as directed by the attendant.
Tickets will be limited to allow for enough space for distancing cars in the lot.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy the show!
- Barrett's Haunted Mansion

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