ABOUT "Golubs's Our Farm Experience"
During the fall season, Our Farm has something for everyone! School children and families will have plenty of quality pumpkins to choose from throughout the season. Come and join the Halloween fun! Our Farm is an award winning family farm that has been growing and selling farm fresh produce at a roadside stand since 1985. In the fall of 1988, horse rides, a petting zoo, hayrides, and U-pick pumpkins were started. In 2007, Our Farm was granted the Emily Marshall Champion of Tourism Award given to the business in Madison County that has had great impact on tourism in the County. When you visit Our Farm you feel as though you've come for a visit to someone's home. That's because that's exactly what you're doing. The Golubs welcome you to their home to share the many experiences of Our Farm.
1590 Peth Road, Manlius, New York, 13104

Pumpkin Patch

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During the fall season, Our Farm has something for everyone. We open to the public starting on the weekend of October 6th from 1-5 PM and every weekend and Columbus Day, through the month of October. One price of $5 offers a full spectrum of fun things to do and see. U-pick pumpkins! School children and families will have plenty of quality pumpkins to choose from throughout the season. Hayrides The unique construction of our wagons has 2 things in mind: safety and comfort. The wagons have stairways and benches. There are no legs dangling off the sides here!!! Petting Zoo The children enjoy meeting and getting up close to an array of very friendly farm animals that Our Farm has on hand. Many children have never seen animals like this up close. We want to be sure they leave us with a lasting positive experience. Cleanliness is a must! Horse rides Cody loves giving rides to children. We will make sure that your child is safe by insisting on spotting properly. Cody will make sure your child is safe, because he's a good boy. We love him! Solar Power Even though this isn't an activity, this is a chance lot see a PV 10kW solar system that provides enough energy to power this farm. It was installed last year. There are educational displays that explain this system and other topics in the barn.

2012 Corn Maze This year's maze theme is of a famous rabbit. There are many famous rabbits in our culture. There's Roger Rabbit, the Easter Bunny, the Br're Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, the Velveteen Rabbit, the Energizer Bunny, the White Rabbit, and my favorite, bugs Bunny. Our biggest attraction is Boris, the giant catapult ( trebuchet) that throws large pumpkins in the air. We have a petting zoo, a horse ride, and hay rides with U pick pumpkins. It's a low key non commercial atmosphere. Corn Maze, Petting Zoo, U-Pick Pumpkins, Personalized Pumpkins, Farm Education, Horse Rides, Hayrides, and of course...the catapult!!! This year’s corn - October 6-28



All Ages

From Syracuse: Take 690 East to 481 South. Get off at the Fayetteville exit (Exit 3E) and follow 92 into Manlius.


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1590 Peth Road, Manlius, New York, 13104
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