ABOUT "The MAiZE at VonThun Farms"
This year’s Cornfield Maze promises to be AWESOME! We hope to challenge the wits of those who seek to find the one exit from our mind-boggling puzzle — a unique source of good farmin’ fun for adults and children alike. Though the correct pathway can be walked in only 15 minutes, most wandering maze-goers will require about one hour to travel through more than three miles of twists, turns and decision points. To help you navigate through the MAiZE, use our Cornundrum signs, passports, or our interactive ‘Corn Text’ game… New for 2009 and guaranteed FUN for all ages! Tickets for the entire MAiZE are $8 each and include a free hayride pass redeemable on weekends in late September and October. If you think the 5-acre MAiZE may be too much for you, try Phase I of the MAiZE…for only 5 tickets. Our 2009 maze is designed in the shape of the Brothers Helping Brothers Firefighter’s Organization logo, and MAiZE proceeds will benefit that organization.
519 Ridge Road, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, 08852

Pumpkin Patch

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Educational School Field Trips: For over 20 years, our school tours have provided fun, education, and excitement for kids of all ages! VonThun Farms school tours are a great way to educate your students about farming, food, and the environment. Barnyard Chicken Show: New for fall, 2011…this is a show you won’t want to miss! you’ll have a Cock-a-doodle-doo’in good time as our singing trio entertains you with corny jokes, chicken trivia, and lots of foot stompin’ knee slappin’ music. The Barnyard Chicken Show is guaranteed to make you smile…laugh….maybe even cackle! The Barnyard Chicken Show is free to all weekend visitors. Shows run every 15 minutes, from 10 am to 5 pm, Saturdays & Sundays only.

This year we are excited have brought our corn maze to a whole new level with The MAiZE Company in Utah! Our professionally designed Maze features the New Jersey Farmers Against Hunger logo and is a larger, more interactive MAiZE!! The maze is completed on over five acres with over 2 miles of twists, turns and fun! A portion of the proceeds will benefit The New Jersey Farmers Against Hunger, which is a food salvage program that takes fresh produce from NJ farmers and distributes to food banks, senior centers, soup kitchens, and other programs around NJ. - September 27- October 31

Mon-Fri 1- 5pm ; Sat & Sun 10 am -5 pm


All Ages

Please visit our website at www.VonThunFarms.com for directions. VonThun Farms is located right off of Route 1, Route 130 and the New Jersey Turnpike.


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519 Ridge Road, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, 08852
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