ABOUT "Escape Chambers MKE"
Escape Chambers MKE is like nothing you have ever seen before. Located on the second floor of Grand Avenue Mall in downtown Milwaukee, Escape Chambers MKE is the real?life incarnation of movies like Saw, National Treasure, Sherlock Holmes, and The DaVinci Code. Puzzles, riddles, and coded messages are your only means of escape, as this is more a mental challenge than physical. Successfully navigating the different scenarios of the rooms, require more than just brains, alone…you must learn to communicate and work together with your team members, if you want any hope of walking out the doors to freedom. Group sizes vary, based on each different scenario, and all ages are welcome; although we do recommend participants be 10 and older, as some of our rooms contain more of a “fear factor.” Scenarios differ in difficulty and intensity, depending on the size of the group. While some of the puzzles appear quite simple in their inception, adrenaline and the stress from an unyielding countdown timer, inching ever?closer to zero, makes seemingly ordinary tasks, mentally exhilarating! The creators will put your cognitive abilities to the ultimate test, while providing a level of entertainment rarely seen these days. And unlike other escape rooms, the seamless execution of combining mind-bending riddles, adrenaline?spiking moments of suspense and surprise, and engaging story lines, provides participants with the type of realistic experience that you simply cannot find anywhere else.
275 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53203
(414) 273-1091

Escape Rooms

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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275 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53203
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