ABOUT "Escape Room Live DC"
BOOKING When you book via Facebook, make sure to visit our website, www.escaperoomlive.com to check out the FAQ and detailed location info! Room One has 8 spaces available per game and Room Two has 4. If you reserve less than the full amount of spaces for the room, there is a chance you will be placed with other people in a session. But honestly, it is such a festive atmosphere, the more the merrier! To guarantee a room exclusively to yourselves, you need to buy all of the spots (8 for Room One and 4 for Room Two - there is a 20% discount for booking all the tickets for a room). IF YOU ARE USING A GROUPON, you need to enter the Groupon promotion code stopping after the two letters. :) The Premise: You are a Special Agent trapped in the room of a subject who will return in 45 minutes. You must solve a series of riddles and puzzles, crack some codes to ultimately open the safe with the key to escape before time runs out! Can you do it? Designed for teams of 2 – 6 people, this real-life Exit Game is a new kind of interactive experience where players are placed in a room and together, using logic and teamwork, must discover the way out. You haven’t had this much fun since Watergate!
2300 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest, Washington, District of Columbia, 20007
(800) 616-4880

Escape Rooms

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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2300 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest, Washington, District of Columbia, 20007
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