ABOUT "Tweite's Pumpkin Patch"
Tweite’s Family Farm is celebrating 26 years of family fun and entertainment. Plan a trip to this year’s bigger and better adventures with Tweite’s Family Farm. Enjoy our award winning Theme Park, 12-Acre Corn Maze, and Pumpkin Patch! Teacher’s start planning your Fall Educational Field Trips to our Farm. This year we have teamed up with Spookley the Square Pumpkin, a unique pumpkin that delivers a special message of kindness and tolerance. Tweite’s Family Farm is located in Byron, Minnesota, just a short drive from Rochester. Our amazingly large 12 acre corn field is an adventure in itself! Be prepared to GET LOST as you venture your way through the corn maze field. Before you enter the maze, you will first see a video where your group will receive a game sheet, a pencil and crayon, and MAIZE-O-VISION secret decoder glasses if you prefer (MAIZE-O-VISION glasses are an additional charge of $1.50). This video will explain how to play several games in the maze, how to navigate your way through the maze, and most importantly, the rules of the maze. CornMaze7This year’s Maze: THE DARK AGES wait to be explored by knights and ladies. Learn the customs and life in medieval Europe in the Age of Chivalry. There are several “Maze Masters” inside and around the maze at all times. Whether you need help finding a clue to find your next station, or you are just plain LOST, our Maze Masters are there to help! While in the maze, you will complete the questions and answers, find the picture rubbings, and decode the secret word! A trip to Tweite’s Corn Maze is more than just a “walk in the stalks.” There so much to do, you may forget you’re LOST! Our corn maze features a new theme every year. So if you’ve mastered the maze one year, come back the next for an all-new maze design! Our maze has no lights, that’s right, no lights! For a totally different maze experience, visit us at night on September 27th and October 11th, but be sure to bring your flashlight, or they can be purchased or rented! How long does the maze take to complete? Good question! Well, it depends on how determined you are to complete all the questions and answers and rubbing stations, to decode the secret word. The average time of completion is approximately 2 hours. If you are going into the maze to see if you can find your way out, it could take anywhere from 20 minutes to next week! This is why we have our very helpful Maze Masters standing by to guide you through if need be. Is our Maze Haunted? No, our maze is not haunted. Many families with little ones come out to enjoy a nice fall day or evening at Tweite’s Family Farm, so no scary stuff here! * All tickets are final, last person to enter the maze 1 ½ hours before posted closing time*
1821 Frontier Road SW, Byron, Minnesota, 55920

Corn Mazes

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2014 Early Bird Promotion Book your field trip by June 10th 2014 and each class will revive a Spookley plush to take back to the class room, plus each school will receive a copy of the Spookley movie. Tweite Family Farm is planting the seed to allow your kids to grow in this Friend Focused Program, even after the great day on the Farm. We will provide information on how to use these tools as follow up as the kids return back to the class room. Grades K-8, Preschool, ECFE, and Daycare Looking for a way to take what your children are learning in the textbooks to life? Tweite Family Farm provides a great place to do that! On the farm, there are many educational areas while enjoying the 22 acre theme park of hands on fun and amusements. Educational areas cover a wide variety of information including plant growth and development, number concepts, colors, and problem solving. Our Educational Specialist has created curriculum specifically for our farm (meeting Minnesota academic standards). The multiple lesson plans can be used in preparation, during, and after your visit to Tweite Family Farm. Field Trips now available October 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 10th from 10:00am to 5:30pm - Tweite’s Family Farm is located in Byron, Minnesota. Watch for the blue highway signs on U.S. Highway 14!road_sign If you are coming from the East, we are located 12 minutes West of Rochester off of US Hwy 14 — Turn South on 19th Avenue. If you are coming from the West, we are located 30 minutes East of Owatonna on US Hwy 14 (just 3 miles East of Kasson) — Turn South on 19th Avenue. Latitude: 44.022352 Longitude: -92.676699


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1821 Frontier Road SW, Byron, Minnesota, 55920
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