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We just wanted to take a moment to say hello and thank you...we are so glad you're all here! We couldn't do what we do with out all our fans. For those of you who are new...check out our website at www.longandscottfarms.com and our farm page Long & Scott Farms, and really get to know us! We are always happy to answer questions and hear your feedback.

26216 County Road 448 A, Mt. Dora, Florida, 32712


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Long & Scott Farms is a 1,200 acre produce farm in central Florida. We are also the home of Scott's Country Market, Cafe & Maze Adventures. Playground Kids can spend hours on our playground. There are swings and slides for different ages. Tractor tires full of sand captivate both girls and boys. Even older kids bring back many childhood memories with our old fashion tether balls. Hay Ride On the weekends we have $4 Hay Rides on the Sweet Corn Express. Kids 16 and under must ride with an adult. If you are under 3 it’s free! The tractor pulls the wagon around different areas of the Farm. If you are paying attention you can learn about Long & Scott Farms from the farmer through the audio system aboard the wagon. Fishing For Kids For an extra $2 KIDS (kids only) can learn to bait a simple fishing line and fish in our pond. When you catch a brim, small bass or whatever, we help you take it off the line. It is catch & release, so the fish do go back in the water. Jump Pillow Talk about a fun workout, here it is! Our huge 40 foot x 67 foot Jumping Pillow has excited many, many kids. It is surrounded by sand for safety, we do limit the number of jumpers and jumping time is also limited for safety. Everyone jumping must wear SOCKS, no shoes or bare feet. Socks can be purchased in our Information booth. Additional Mazes Labyrinth: For quiet reflection take a walk in our Labyrinth. A Labyrinth is as ancient symbol that relates to wholeness, it represents a journey to our own center and back out again into the world. There is only one path to take, the way in is also the way out. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools."Cornfusion" Tree Maze: We took over 1000 Ligustrum trees and planted them in the shape of an ear of corn. This three acre maze is live and usable all year long. It is a big hit with corporate events. Mist Maze: Want to cool off after your hike in the Corn Maze, try our Mist Maze. While kids walk through this maze an adult can push the button and water is misted down. A big hit on warm days! And yes adults are welcome to cool off as well! Hank's Maze Craze: Kids of all ages will have fun jumping to different colors to solve this maze! Farm Tour On week days, groups of 20 or more can schedule a Farm Tour with one of our Farmers. You will learn about how we grow, what we grow, the history of the farm and where we are headed. The farmer uses props right out of the field, and it is hands on learning. These Farm Tour reservations can be made on line and are $5 per person. Zip Line For Kids Our country Zip Line does have a weight limit of 100 lbs. We have sent many a kid zipping down the line as it parallels our pond; we also make them bring the seat back for the next in line. It is a fan favorite.

26216 County Road 448 A, Mt. Dora, Florida, 32712

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