ABOUT "Denver Downs Farm Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch"
Denver Downs Farm Corn Maze & Giant Pumpkin Patch is the perfect fall adventure for your family, school, church or organization. Come spend a day with us making memories that will last a lifetime! Hope to see you soon! Get Lost In the Corn Maze! The 2013 Denver Downs Maze celebrates the aMAZING football tradition we have here in South Carolina! Played every year since 1909, the Clemson versus University of South Carolina football game is the longest uninterrupted series in the South and third consecutively played rivalry in college football. The maze is a tribute to the leadership that Coach Dabo Sweeney and Coach Steve Spurrier have brought to the "Battle of the Palmetto State" tradition. Go Tigers and Go Gamecocks! Have fun finding your way through the maze! The GOAL of the Maze Get your Maze Map at the maze entrance and navigate your way to find (in numerical order) the 12 checkpoints hidden in the maze. Or just have fun getting LOST! Friendly Scarecrow Find For the junior maze visitors find the two friendly scarecrows that are hidden in the corn maze. Moonlight Maze Bring your flashlights and glow sticks to help you find your way through the maze after dark! Extra challenging! Then reward yourself with a S’mores at the bonfires. And remember, the maze is never haunted. What’s your time? You can use your Smartphone to record how long it takes you to find your way through the 10 acre maze. Just scan (or type) Maze Entrance QR code with your phone and each QR code appearing on each navigation posts inside the maze. When you finish, you will win a coupon and be entered into a contest. The fastest time during the season will win a prize. Answer Trivia For fun along the way, there will be trivia questions posted that you can answer. The correct answers will help you navigate your way to the next numbered navigation post until you complete the maze. You can select from more than 50 categories of trivia to use on your Smartphone or print out your OWN trivia before you come to the maze. Group Leaders Customize Your Trivia / Try Maze Master Trivia Let your corn maze adventure take a whole new twist that is customized for your group at Denver Downs Corn Maze! Try Maze Master Trivia. Whether you are bringing a class for a field trip, a scout group, a club, a church group, a company picnic or just a big group of family or friends - you can use customized trivia questions that you create to make your maze adventure extra special. As your group navigates through the corn maze, they can answer multiple choice questions about your custom trivia questions. If they choose the right answer to a question, they will advance through the maze in the right direction. If they answer incorrectly, they will head for a dead end or in the wrong direction. Maze Master Trivia is great for groups because you can customize it specifically for your group. Scouts can create questions about Scouting topics (or choose from our many pre-made Scouting questions), church groups can review current topics or just fun Bible trivia, and companies can create questions to make office training more exciting. It's simple. Just enter 12 multiple choice questions on our website, and hit print to generate your unique maze trivia card. Make enough copies for everyone in your group and bring them with you on your visit. Maze Master Trivia / How it Works for Group Members 1. As your group members enter the maze, you will pass out question cards complete with 12 questions and answers. 2. When group members come to each of the numbered checkpoints in the corn maze, they will read the corresponding question on their card. For example, the group members come to checkpoint #1. They will then look at their card and read that question #1 is, "Who was the first president of the United States?" Then, they will look at their answers. "Left: George Washington, Right: Abraham Lincoln." If they think it is Abe, they will head to the right and end up in a dead end because their answer was wrong. But if they answer George Washington, they will head to the left and be headed towards checkpoint #2. 3. Correct answers help them navigate the maze, and it's also a fun way to learn or review. Maze Master Trivia / How it Works for the Leader Creating your question sheet is easy. 1. It is probably best to write your questions in a separate document as a backup. Each question will require the question, the correct answer, and up to two incorrect answers. Once you have your questions, you need to get them to match up with the right way to go in the maze. Luckily, the Maze Master takes care of all the hard work for you. Since he knows the maze by heart, just tell him the questions, right answers, and wrong answers, and he will generate your question card for you. Click here to enter your questions. 2. Enter your questions in the form and click "View Printable Sheet" at the bottom when finished. 3. If you will be using a pre-made set of questions from our site, just select from one of these sets of questions instead of entering your own. 4. Once you have finished entering questions, be sure to to click "View Printable Sheet". Your question card will automatically generate. Make sure you print your card. Your card does not get sent to us, and we have no way of printing it. You must print or make copies of your card for each group member and bring them with you on your trip.
4915 Clemson Boulevard, Anderson, South Carolina, 29621

Corn Mazes

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Field Trip Activities: Corn Maze: This year our 10-acre corn maze is deigned in a Clemson and University of South Carolina theme, based on images of the head coaches Dabo Sweeney and Steve Spurrier. Straw Barn: Our huge straw bar is full of hay and straw bales for the children to climb on and rope swings for swinging from bale to bale. Cow Train: The Cow Train is for the little folks. The cars are painted with cow graphics, have names like Lula Bell and Daisy, and are pulled by a tiny tractor. Goat Walk: Each child will be given goat feed to place in a bucket attached to a rope and pulley were they send the goat food up to the goats standing on a platform 15 feet in the air. Farm Animals: Children can visit up close with baby calf, sheep, goats and momma pig. Giant Tube Slide: Children love sliding down the 20 foot enclosed tube slide that gently turns out at ground level. Hay Ride: Each group will have a dedicated hayride wagon. The hay ride goes around the maze and stops in the pumpkin patch. Each person gets to pick a small pumpkin. Jumbo Jumper Air Pillow: A large “pillow shaped” inflatable that children can jump on. Several children can participate at the same time. Duck Races: Old fashion water pumps to race plastic duck. - Denver Downs Corn Maze and Giant Pumpkin Patch is located at 4915 Clemson Boulevard, Anderson SC 29621 IMPORTANT NOTE: Map Quest and other searches have INCORRECT farm location! Make sure to take Exit 19B (Clemson exit). Denver Downs Farm is 1.2 miles north of I-85. See map below. From Anderson SC Take Clemson Boulevard north toward Clemson. Cross I-85 and continue on Hwy. 76. Go 1.2 miles and turn left onto Denver Road. The entrance to Denver Down Farm is on the left. From Pendleton SC Take Hwy. 76 past the Michelin plant. Continue through the next traffic light at Sandy Springs and go another 2 miles. Turn right onto Denver Road. The entrance to Denver Down Farm is on the left. From I-85 (Greenville SC or Atlanta GA) Take Exit 19B (Clemson exit) onto Hwy. 76. Go 1.2 miles and turn left onto Denver Road. The entrance to Denver Down Farm is on the left.


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4915 Clemson Boulevard, Anderson, South Carolina, 29621
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