ABOUT "The River Maze"
It’s our 10th Annual Corn Maze! 2013's fall theme will be "The River of Life For All." Farm Activities at The River Maze include: -Corn Maze -Pumpkin Patch -Hayrides -Cow Train -Corn Cannons -"Water Wars” -“Capture the Corn” -Team Building Activities -Food -Barnyard Croquet -Pumpkin Basketball -Soybean Maze General Information The River Maze is a working farm dedicated to quality education. We want our visitors to solve problems while making memories so bring your class, group, or friends to learn and have a great time! Teachers: Schedule a field trip to The River Maze during the week! We can customize our lesson plans to incorporate the standards you want! We also have pre and post trip and compass activities posted on our website: http://www.therivermaze.com/ Passports to aMAZEing Learning We include educational signs about plant and animal life at the passport posts in the maze. Speaking of passport posts, in the past we have had 10 spots in our maze where you see numbered posts. We will still have that! Guests carry a trivia passport on a topic of their choice and a correct answer gives a clue about which way to turn. Even More aMAZEing Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and Junior Asparagus say “Hi”. We will have a soybean maze with characters from “Veggie Tales” carved in it. It will have signs posted about fruits, vegetables, and their nutritional value. Don’t forget to try our “No Left Turn” Maze and the “American Maze”, Barnyard Croquet
173 Welcome Valley Road, Benton, Tennessee, 37307

Corn Mazes

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Our school tours are filled with lots of fun and education for students of all ages. Our goal is for visitors to learn more about agriculture, history, geography, math and other subjects, while solving problems and making memories. Students of all ages enjoy a trip to our educational and scenic farm. A Special Treat this year! The River Maze is one of many family farms across North America that will be embracing Spookley and his story with visitors throughout the fall. “Spookley is an adorable character with a wonderful message,” says Dianne Fetzer, co-owner of The River Maze. “We are delighted to share Spookley with our visitors to raise awareness for National Bullying Prevention Month.” - Ticket Info: Ages from 4 up… $9 plus tax This price includes all mazes, hayide, goat walk, milk “Sparkie and Bessie, the cows”, corn toss, “corn fusion”(this requires a compass… bring your own or rent one from us… also the “Name Game”), barnyard croquet,corn box, horsy tire swings, and “The Fairy Tale Trail”. Extra cost for Face/Pumpkin Painting, “Water Wars”, Cow Train, and Corn Cannon. You must purchase tokens to do these activities. Pumpkins are available for purchase! If you want to come and pick your own pumpkin out of the field……………. $4 + tax for your hayride, then pay for your pumpkins! Group Packages are available. Please call (423-650-0710) or contact us by email. Because we operate in September and October, we recommend being prepared for cool weather. Dress as if you were going camping. We also recommend wearing closed-toe shoes or sneakers. Remember that you will be in a farm atmosphere and that sometimes the paths can be bumpy! A Few Simple Rules: Please stay on the pathways. Everyone who has gone in the maze has eventually come out, so we can promise that the paths do eventually lead to the exit. Cutting through the rows won’t help you any–and if we catch you, it just may hurt! No picking or throwing corn. Hey, we realize you can do more with corn than just eat it — why else would we be crazy enough to cut a maze into it? But throwing it is still one thing you can’t do. If it hits someone … it hurts! No running. Please remember that this isn’t a race and watch your step on the pathways. Walking through a cornfield isn’t like walking down the sidewalk — there are bumps along the way. We just don’t want one of those bumps to be you! No smoking. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on farm premises. Cigarettes and dry corn stalks are a bad combination. No alcohol. This is good farmin’ fun for people of all ages, including children. In consideration of all maze-goers, alcohol is not allowed on the premises. No inappropriate language. Please be mindful of others and watch what you say when inside the maze. We know that it can get challenging in there (it was designed to be that way), but remember that no one likes to hear bad language and that even the corn has ears, too.


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173 Welcome Valley Road, Benton, Tennessee, 37307
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