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Fun for all ages, farm scene investigation is a unique mystery game that keeps everyone searching and guessing in the cornmaze until the very end. Farmer Joe is missing and we need your help to find out who kidnapped him. There are seven animal suspects, weapons, and locations that we need you to investigate. Players collect all the clues on a punchcard that they take through the maze to solve the mystery and earn an FSI badge. The game is simple and straightforward so that it is easy for everyone to understand and play. Farmer Joe's pie is missing. We need you to find out who dunit. Six of the animals took off through the corn maze with stolen pie. Was it the llama, the horse, or the pig? Navigate through the corn maze to find all the tracks, then match up the prints to all the animals are guilty of the pie thievery. Here at the Stickley Farm we have three different corn mazes! There are almost 5 miles of trail between them. Two of the mazes are for bigger kids and adults, while one of the mazes is exclusively for younger children. Like always the objective of the larger mazes is to find all of the various checkpoints located within. Six check points can be found in each large maze and you discover all 12, you are eligible to turn in your completed punch card to be entered into a drawing for a Kindle Fire at the end of the season. JUMBO JUMPER ?? Kids love the Jumbo Jumper and as you can see, some adults do too! About Ziplash ? Ziplash is the largest zipline in Northeast TN. Located about 2 miles south of the Bristol Motor Speedway, the zipline is set against a picturesque landscape along the banks of Beaver Creek. Ziplash weighs in at over 1000 feet long and 40 feet high. This monster zip will ensure you get your recommended daily allowance of adrenaline. So get your nerve up and get on over to the Stickley Farm! Haunted Farm!! On Friday and Saturday nights, starting September 20th, the Stickley Farm will open up the haunted maze. The cost is $10 per person. The scare starts around dusk. All ages are welcome but please keep in mind the attraction is meant to be as intense as possible so use discretion. Keep cell phones and other valuables in the car or tightly secured, we cannot stop the attraction to look for lost cells and the like. We keep safety in mind and we request that you do the same. The attraction is scary but it is in the best interest of your safety to refrain from running or venturing off path. We look forward to another great season scaring the crap out of you ;) Hayrides Hayrides at the Stickley Farm are awesome! The wagon takes you on a trip around the entire corn maze and even close enough to get a good look at our 1000ft zipline. It's fun for all ages. Tractor Driver Bob is a total legend and will keep you in stitches the entire time.
531 Timber Mill Private Drive, Bluff City, Tennessee, 37618

Corn Mazes

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531 Timber Mill Private Drive, Bluff City, Tennessee, 37618
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