ABOUT "Green Acres Corn Maze "
Get Lost in The Green Acres Corn Maze! Corn Maze Pumpkin Patch Hay Bale Maze Corn Pit Hayrides Petting Farm A..MAZE..ing fun for the whole family! PUMPKINS FOR SALE!! We will start selling pumpkins on October 5th. Prices vary according to size and there are many varieties of pumpkins...from munchkins to giants! Starting price is $2.00 for the mini's and $10.00 for the giants. Ride a big, tractor-pulled wagon loaded with hay around the farm and enjoy the ambiance of being "down on the farm!" The Hay ride ends at the Petting Farm and only costs $4.00. Petting Farm There are lots and lots of animals to pet and visit with who will love the attention! Catch the Hayride over to the Petting Farm for only $4.00. Pumpkin Patch - Opens October 5th Pick out a pumpkin to take home! There are all shapes and sizes and you are sure to find just the right one! Cost for pumpkins will vary between $2-$5 dollars. Hay Bale Maze Another maze to work your way through... perhaps a little easier than the corn maze, but still lots of fun! Corn Pit Jump in and roll around in play with toys, bury your friends and have a corny, good time! Giant Air Pillow Wyoming's First and Only Giant Air Pillow. Come Get Your Jump on!
8451 Haines Road, Casper, Wyoming, 82604
(307) 277-3323

Corn Mazes

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8451 Haines Road, Casper, Wyoming, 82604
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