ABOUT "Harvestville Farm Corn Maze"
Come see everything new that we have to offer this year! A NEWLY EXPANDED Harvestville Play Area and a NEW 10 acre corn maze are just for starters! Also, come enjoy all the returning favorite activities such as: making scarecrows, horse-drawn wagon rides, pick your own pumpkins, bonfires and much more! Decorate your own grapevine wreath for the fall season with the help of our creative staff. We have a variety of wreath sizes available along with a wide assortment of silk and dried flowers/berries and ribbons to choose from. Need something fresh for fall at your home or office? Let us show you our bundles of decorative stalks, bittersweet clumps, or bring your empty flower pots and we'll help you create a unique autumn filled pot to greet guests and family at your door. Cost: Price of materials used Create a Harvest Centerpiece for your dining table this season. Choose from our wide selection of baskets or bring a favorite basket from home to fill with our beautiful produce. we have a huge selection of decorative squash, mini-pumpkins, and edible or ornamental gourds and other fall market items. We'll help you choose the finishing touches,, like a sprig of bittersweet or a pumpkin pepper. Not feeling creative today? Just bring us your basket and while you enjoy the afternoon with your family, we'll create a beautiful filled basket that will be ready for take-home when you're ready to go! Cost: Price of materials used Saturday Nights in October: Moonlight Maze The maze will be open from 7:00 to 10:00 PM every Saturday Night in October! Test your nerves as you brave the dark in hopes to make it through our 10 acre corn maze. If you thought our maze was tricky during the day, wait until you tackle this challenge! Bonfires and wagon rides to and from the maze will be running throughout the evening. Remember to bring your own flashlight! Cost: $8.00 per person. Last admittance into the maze is at 9:30 PM. No smoking or alcohol is permitted in the maze! Please visit our website for a coupon for the maze!! October means pumpkins!! A pumpkin is not complete without a scary, happy or a crazy face! use your artistic skills and paint a pumpkin that you'll want to keep in your house long after the season is over! Choose from thousands of pumpkins. Paints, and brushes are available for use. Cost: $1.00 plus price of pumpkin. While the kids are painting their own pumpkins, come browse through our harvest barn and see all of the hand-painted pumpkins we offer for sale. Have your own special request, or need a unique gift? Choose your pumpkin, tell us about your design ideas, and then give us a day or two. Our pumpkin artist will create something special just for you!
1977 Highway 2, Donnellson, Iowa, 52625

Corn Mazes

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Harvestville Farm Corn Maze PHOTOS

1977 Highway 2, Donnellson, Iowa, 52625
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