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Get Lost in the Corn Maze Pumpkin Patch Two Jumping-Jumping Pillows Rubber Ducky Races CornCrib Corn Box Right Turn Only Maze Wheee! Giant Slides Bumpity Farm Hayrides Climb Straw Mountain Rope Maze Explore Farm Tunnels Goat Mountain Little Farmersville Farmer Golf Visit the Farm Barnyard Meet lots of farm animals — upclose and pettable! Pygmy goats, “Baby Doll” sheep, miniature donkeys, piglets, ducks, chickens, and geese. Feed ‘em (goats only) and pet ‘em… but you can’t take our little friends home! Hey … don’t forget to look for George, the farm’s friendly gray tiger spokes Cat! He loves to have his photo made with our visitors. We all know the sweet taste of summer corn on the cob. At Summers Farm, we’re offering a sweet time for all ages — 14 acres of pure fun getting lost in rows of tall corn stalks. The maze is divided into phases that will accommodate all age groups. Visitors to the maze at Summers Farm Adventure choose the smaller maze for the younger crowd or our super challenging larger maze. Bring your FLASHLIGHTS for Nights at the Farm! Friday & Saturday nights! You might be fortunate enough to stumble onto the correct pathway, conquering the corn in less than 30 minutes. Or you might find yourself a bit directionally challenged and take a couple of hours to make your way through the corn puzzle. Regardless, you’ll have a super time in one of the area’s largest mazes with 2.5 miles of paths and two scenic bridges hidden within! This season make your way through the corn maze using our new and exciting game “The Farm Scene Investigation”. It’s like the game of clue! Farmer Joe is missing. There has been an accident and it appears to be foul play. There are seven farm animal suspects that we need you to investigate. Throughout the corn maze you will find clues to help us solve the mystery. Help us put the guilty farm animals behind bars and save Farmer Joe! Fall is perfect for pumpkin picking! pumpkin carving tips Before carving your pumpkin, soak it in a bucket of water (with two tablespoons of bleach added) for 10 about minutes. The best carving tools include a sharp knife, a small serrated knife, a metal spoon and a thumbtack. Make the pumpkin level on the bottom with a serrated knife. If you want to put a candle in your carved pumpkin, you may want to carve a hole in the bottom and sit the pumpin over the candle. After opening the top, scoop out the seeds with a metal spoon. Use a sawing motion when cutting the pumpkin; this is safer than straight cutting, and much more effective when cutting small details. If you are creating an elaborate design, draw it first on paper. Tape the design to the pumpkin and punch holes along the design with a thumbtack. This method avoids visible lines after the pumpkin has been carved. To preserve your pumpkin and prevent wrinkling around the cut areas, rub petroleum jelly along the carvings. Take a free hayride (weather permitting) to the fields where our pumpkins are growing! There’s no admission charge to pick your own pumpkins. Pumpkins are sold by the pound, and you pay for what you pick! About our Pumpkins … We grow pumpkins in all shapes and sizes. We plant quite a variety. Some of our large pumpkins are Atlantic Giant and Big Moose. Unusually colored ones are Full Moon, Hooligan, Lumina and World of Color. More magical pumpkin variety names are Gladiator, Gold Rush, Bumpkin, Fairytale and Speckled Swan. At Summers Farm, pumpkin pickin’ is really an adventure! We’ve Got Gourds! Folks may not know that gourds and squash are ‘cousins’ to pumpkins! Our gourds can be used as Fall ornamentals or to cook with. Gourd types that are squash are Cinderella, Long Island Cheese, and Jarrahdale. We also grow butternut squash and winter acorn squash such as Harlequin and Carnival. See Plan Your Visit for adventure admission, hours of operation, hayride schedule, weather conditions at the farm and more! If you prefer, select from pre-picked pumpkin beauties at the farm’s pumpkin market. We also have a large assortment of pre-picked gourds, Indian corn, corn stalk bundles, mini and large straw bales … all for delightful Fall decorating.
5620 Butterfly Lane, Frederick, Maryland, 21703

Corn Mazes

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Nights on the Farm September 26 – October 25, 2014 Fridays 5-10:30pm Saturdays 5-10:30pm All activities are available except: Hayrides, Pig Races, Pumpkin Train, Face Painting and the Pumpkin Patch. Last hayride is at 6 pm. Pre-picked pumpkins will be available for sale. Bring flashlights and brave the Corn Maze in the dark, if you dare! Circle around the campfire and make memories, share stories or connect with family and friends. Sing a little tune or dance a jig! Rent a Campfire site day or night! This year, for weekends from September 26 through October 25, you can reserve a campfire during the cool afternoon hours as well as at night. Campfires will be offered Friday nights from 6:30-10pm, Saturdays from 1-5pm and 6:30-10pm, and Sundays from 1-5pm. Reserve Campfire Each campfire can accommodate up to 30-50 people. Cost is $65 per campfire for 3-1/2 hours. Reservations required! Does not include individual Adventure Admission (See “Plan A Visit” page on our website for ticket pricing). Included in your campfire rental is: Sufficient wood for a campfire, one 8 ft. long picnic table and two 8 ft. long benches. Groups may bring additional seating, if desired. Weenie Roast Package May be purchased for $5 – weenies for roasting, bun, chips, drink, condiments, and napkins. For an additional $1.50 per person we will supply the ingredients to make tasty S’Mores (graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars). Food orders must be placed at least seven days in advance. A few Campfire Policies: Campfire fee must be paid at the time of reservation. Campfires will be started by Summers Farm personnel. Please remember to bring cooking utensils like metal skewers for hot dogs and marshmallows. Wooden roasting sticks will be available for purchase at the farm for $.25 per stick. Folks who rent a campfire on weekends are welcome to bring coolers of drinks, hot dogs, marshmallows, etc for roasting. No alcohol allowed on the farm, please! Campfire groups disturbing or disrupting other campfire groups will be asked to leave. - How to Find the Farm Summers Farm, is located at 5620 Butterfly Lane in Frederick, MD. We’re conveniently located 3 miles outside Frederick City with easy access to most major highways. If you get lost, call our Pumpkin Hotline at 301-620-9316.


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5620 Butterfly Lane, Frederick, Maryland, 21703
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