ABOUT "Tom's Maze & Pumpkin Farm"
It's Another Great Year of Fun! Don't settle for a cookie-cutter corn MAZE that only looks good from the air but leaves little to the imagination on the ground. Tom's Maze is grown from the ground up. 8 fun-filled acres of corn on the cob. It's more than just a regular Corn Maze. Solve the Puzzle and Escape the Maze! Freedom in Not Free This year’s maze is dedicated to Tom's father, Harold W Eby, a WWII Veteran and a Purple Heart recipient. We honor Harold and thank him for his service in helping to keep our country safe and free! Harold Eby was born November 27, 1914 in Trotwood Ohio. Harold was 29 years old, married and the father of two young boys, Terry and Tom (the maze guy) when he was drafted in 1944 to fight in WWII. He served in the United States Army,Co A, 406th Regiment, 102 Infantry Division, the "OZARKS". His Unit was shipped to France, moved to Belgium and then across the German border o make an assault on the village of Geronsweiler. Harold was wounded in that battle and suffered the loss of his left eye. He spent many months in the hospital before he was returned home to his family in 1945. This is Harold's story about "My Longest Day". Tom's Amazing Punkin' Chunkin' Cannon Click to Play Have you even heard of a Punkin' Chunkin' Cannon? Well Tom's wife, Marie, is wishing Tom hadn't. It gets so noisy at the farm even the mice have taken to finding a new place to live. Tom even goes to firing this thing at night. After all that's the best time to hit one of those UFOs. Have a look at at Tom's Special Pumpkin firing contraption in action! Tom fires his canon every hour (weather permitting) (even at night) (that's to many parenthesis, Tom) (no, it's not). The Goat Boardwalk is a huge multi-level jungle gym for our goats to romp and play. Amelia, Blossom, Ruby and their friends love to climb, hop, and skip on the towering incline boards, high in the air. Sometimes at night, after everyone's gone to bed, Blossom sneaks up to the top and practices her dance moves. The Little Red Hen House is the home of our friendly flock of chickens. Our rooster, Doodle Doo is a very colorful fellow and a very good protector of his little harem of hens. The grey chicken is an Araucana, or Easter Egger. She lays eggs that have a blue-green shell but still yellow on the inside. The other hens are Barred Rock (black and white speckle), Austrolorp (solid black), and Golden Comet (red). They are all brereds of chickens that lay brown-shelled eggs. The average hen will lay five eggs a week with a total of 260 eggs a year. Now that's a BIG omelet! Tom's Punkin' Chunkin' Cannon — Tom's gone completely off the farm this year! This punkin' chunkin' cannon is an air powered cannon with a 25 ft. long barrel that shoots pumpkins over a quarter of a mile (which depending on the direction…is OFF THE FARM!) The cannon is mounted on a vintage 1968 Ford Fire truck. Be sure to bring your camera, it is really something to see! Color Sequence Maze: This new logic maze is a small step-over maze. It's much more challenging that it looks. Step over the Red, White, and Blue lines in the same sequence of Red, White, and Blue lines until you reach the Blue exit. Sounds easy, doesn't it? (Tom is still scratching his head). Have fun! No Left Turn Maze — This is a straw bale maze for all ages. Your challenge is to enter the straw bale maze and walk to the exit without ever turning left. If you make a left turn , you MUST start back over again. It is harder than it looks! Photo Opportunities — Be sure to bring your camera. we have more photo opportunities with handmade scarecrows and cutout picture boards. Bolga Baskets — Bolga baskets are hand-woven in the historical town of Bolgatonga, Ghana in West Africa. The weavers are mostly farmers who supplement their income by making and selling baskets. These beautiful baskets make great gifts. Labyrinth A relaxing 5-10 minute walk on one continuous path into the center of the labyrinth and back. Great for younger kids! Kiddie Straw Bale Maze Fun for our youngest maze explorers! Specialty Pumpkins at our Farm Market! More new varieties (white, green, striped, giant jack-o-lantern types and minis) ornamentals, gourds, crafts and more. Over fifty varieties of pumpkins and squash for you to choose. Bring a flashlight and explore Tom's Maze in the dark. We accept admissions right up to closing time, so there's no need to worry that you'll get here late and have to leave early. Share the fun of moonlight maze madness! What Grows in Ohio An educational area with information compiled by the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. Learn about Ohio's main crops and improve map reading skill. Make plans early for your groups fall outing to Tom's Maze and be sure to schedule a rain date so you won't miss out on one of the most unique and fun outdoor activities in Southwestern Ohio! Pumpkin Daze Homegrown! Grown right here on our farm. We raise more than 50 different varieties of pumpkins and squash for you to choose. We plant, weed, pamper and baby them along to get the prettiest, most perfect pumpkins possible (say that three times). With so many varieties and sizes of squash and pumpkins you'll can find the cutest little mini's right up to the giant Jack O'lantern, just right for carving. Dried Gourds Our specialty varieties include Cinderella's , Blue Hubbard's, white Lumina's, striped pumpkins and lots of pastel colored pumpkins in shades of peach, green and grey. Our pumpkins are pre-picked and priced for sale in the market area. Make your selection early so you can have the most unique Fall Harvest display in your neighborhood!Homegrown Pumpkins and Fall Ornamentals for sale. Unique natural gourd birdhouses and gourd crafts! Pumpkins Squash Corn Stalks Straw Bales Broom Corn Dried Gourds Sunflower Seed Heads
4677 Germantown Liberty Road, Germantown, Ohio, 45327

Corn Mazes

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Be sure to visit our website for money saving coupons!! Take $2.00 Off Pumpkin Purchase of $15 or more. Take $1.00 Off Maze Admission http://www.tomsmaze.com/html/about.html - Directions 4677 Germantown-Liberty Road, Germantown, OH 45327 From the North Take Interstate 75 south to State Rt. 35 west. Go west on State Rt. 35 to Infirmary Rd. Turn left on Infirmary Rd. and follow until you get to State Rt. 4 (Germantown Pike). Turn right on State Rt. 4 and follow until you come to Farmersville-W. Carrollton Pike (Traffic Light) Turn right on Farmersville-W. Carrollton Rd. and go west about a mile until you come to Germantown-Liberty Rd. Turn right to the maze. From the South Take Interstate 75 North to State Rt. 725 (Dayton Mall) exit. Turn left at the bottom of the ramp onto State Rt. 725 and go west. Follow the State Rt. 725 signs through Miamisburg, but keep your eye out for the signs, it zigs and zags once before you go over the river. After you cross the river and go up the hill continue until you get to State Route 4. Turn right on State Route 4 and go approximately ½ mile to Germantown-Liberty Rd. Turn left on Germantown-Liberty Rd. and it's approximately 1½ miles to the maze. From Indiana Take Interstate 70 east to State Rt. 35 east. Follow State Rt. 35 east through Eaton, through West Alexandria and through New Lebanon. On the eastern edge of New Lebanon you'll come to Diamond Mill Road. Turn right on Diamond Mill and go south about 6 miles until you come to Farmersville-W. Carrollton Road. Turn left on Farmersville-W. Carrollton and go east about 1 mile until you come to Germantown-Liberty Rd. Turn left to the maze From Columbus Take Interstate 70 west to Interstate 675 south. Take Interstate 675 south to State Rt. 35 west. Go west on State Rt. 35 to Infirmary Rd. Turn left on Infirmary Rd. and follow until you get to State Rt. 4 (Germantown Pike). Turn right on State Rt. 4 and follow until you come to Farmersville-W. Carrollton (Traffic Light) Turn right on Farmersville-W. Carrollton and go west about a mile until you come to Germantown-Liberty Rd. Turn right to the maze.


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4677 Germantown Liberty Road, Germantown, Ohio, 45327
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