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Green Hand Farm Park is pleased to be able to offer a wide range of attractions that are fun for the whole family! These attractions are also ideal for school groups, church groups, scouting groups, and more! Come be a kid... no matter your age! Browse through our attractions, listed below, or find out more about packages available for your group on our Groups & Parties page. Green Hand Farm Park is your place for fall adventure and fun with activities for all ages! We have a GIANT 7.5 acre Corn Maze (as well as a smaller one for younger children) PLUS: - 6-acre Pumpkin Patch - FREE Hayrides - Zombie Paintball Adventure (New!) - Giant Jumbo Jumper Bounce Pillow (New!) - Pedal Karts - Corn Cannon and Water Bottle Blaster (New!) - Campfires and Camping for groups - Concessions - and more! Also, bring your flashlight on Friday & Saturday nights . . . yep, you can go through the maze in the dark! Visit us soon for some good ole fashioned fall fun! Learn more at www.greenhandfarmpark.com Giant Corn Maze!! At Green Hand Farm Park, we are proud to offer a giant, 8-acre Giant Corn Maze adventure. Our corn maze attraction features a different theme every year and is fun for ALL ages! Our corn maze theme this year is We Salute Our Veterans - a recoginition to those who have served our country! Navigate your way through the pathways of this year's maze - trying to avoid wrong turns and dead ends! A trip to Green Hand Fun Park is more than just a 'walk in the stalks.' There is so much to do, you may forget you're lost! Don't miss out on the fun! Visit us today! ur 2012 corn maze theme was Mayan Mystery. Visitors set off in search of the Mayan Temple Ruins and learned about this ancient civilization as they searched for clues. Visitors became Indiana Jones on a quest to discover the temple buried in the ancient jungle and uncovered facts about the Maya and their way of life. What happened to the prediction by the Mayan calendar that the end of the world was December 21, 2012? Mini-Corn Maze!! For Younger Explorers Enjoy our smaller maze, hidden within the Giant Corn Maze. At approximately 1 acre, this maze is great for younger explorers. Finger Funnies Game!! The Fabulous Finger Find Game Guest of all ages can enjoy this scavenger hunt game, part of the Mini-Corn Maze! The goal is to decorate each finger of your right hand with a different color from 5 different stations hidden within the maze. Then, find your finger color match on the hand chart to find which antics (out of 120 possibilities) you'll need to perform for an admiring audience. Examples: Moo like a cow; Play air guitar; Twirl to the left. Zombie Survival Course Adventure!! Take on zombies as you ride the Road of the Dead at Green Hand Fun Park! Hop on one of our wagons for an exciting and eerie ride through the woods. How many Zombies can you defeat? Shoot at fixed and live targets as you try to survive. Each wagon holds 6 people and comes equipped with a mounted paintball gun for each person. This unique paintball experience, where you shoot but don’t get shot, is sweeping the nation and will have you ready to come back for more! Cost:$10/person (includes paintballs) We're looking for Zombies! Volunteer to be a Zombie in the Road of the Dead attraction and receive free entry into the park PLUS be entered into our Best Zombie contest! Will I get shot at on this ride? No, you shoot paintballs from mounted paintball guns at stationary and moving targets. You don't get shot. Our paintball guns are mounted so that they can only be shot away from the wagons. Will I need eye protection? No, you do not need eye protection. Is this ride messy? Do I need to bring a change of clothes? This ride is not messy as you are doing the paintball shooting but will not get shot. How many paintballs do I get for the ride? You receive 60 paintballs included with the price of admission. Can I buy extra paintballs? Due to the length of the ride, additional paintballs are not necessary. Is this ride for all ages? This ride is for adults and children. Parents, please use discretion based on your knowledge of your own child. If your child is able to pull the trigger on the paintball gun, they will be able to participate. Some parents whose children might be more afraid during the dark prefer to take their children on the ride during the day. What if I have never used a paintball gun before? Instructions will be provided regarding use of the mounted paintball gun and when to load. Those who break the rules will forfeit their ticket and be asked to leave the park. Is the ride only available at night? No, this ride is available during the day and at night. Some people prefer to do the ride during the day so they can see the targets better. How long is the ride? The ride lasts approximately 20 minutes. Jumbo Jumper!! The biggest bounce pillow in the country! Kids and adults alike can enjoy this one-of-a-kind bouncing experience on our huge bounce pillow that is 100 feet long and 33 feet wide! Water Bottle Blaster!! How good is your aim? Use our safe, high-pressured launchers to shoot water bottles at a variety of targets. Bottles will explode upon impact, creating a wild splash of water. 4 shots for $5. Duck Races!! Whose duck will win? Old time hand water pumps powered by you will determine whose rubber duck makes it to the finish line first. Kids and adults love playing with water and watching it pour out of the pumps by their own hands.
5900 George Washington Memorial Highway, Gloucester , Virginia, 23061

Corn Mazes

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5900 George Washington Memorial Highway, Gloucester , Virginia, 23061
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