ABOUT "Engwalls Corn Maze and Agri-tainment Center"
The Engwalls Corn Maze was created In 2010 when Engwall Florist, Greenhouse & Garden Center and Lundeen Productions partnered to create a 52,000 square foot corn maze at the Engwalls main location in Hermantown, MN. Located at the westernmost tip of Lake Superior, the Engwalls Corn Maze is unique in the fact that it is an “urban” maze, just 10 minutes from downtown Duluth, a city of nearly 80,000 people. Since its first year, the Engwalls Corn Maze has expanded to more than double its original size and now includes live entertainment, two observation towers, a big top tent (Corn Top), maze games, pumpkin patch, a corn pit, corn cannons, a corn slingshot and hay rides. The maze is also host for several popular events including the annual Corn Maze Festival, Corn-i-Ville and Field of Screams! Now an “agri-tainment center” the Engwalls Corn Maze has become a major fall attraction in NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin while maintaining the mission statement of the maze, “to create a unique entertainment experience profitably while providing marketing opportunities for organizations that deliver services and education to the community.” To date thousands of dollars have been donated by the Engwalls Corn Maze to non-profit organizations including the Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank, Animal Allies, Just Kids Dental, Coats for Kids, the Boys and Girls Club and many others Field of Screams! A Haunted Corn Maze, just in time for Halloween. “What lurks behind that next stalk of corn? Nearly a mile of trails thru the Corn Field with just you, your flashlight, AND your nerves!” Flashiligh Tours! Saturday Nights Oct 4th, 11th and 18th. And for the Field of Screams- Haunted Flashlight Tour!! Dusk until 9PM Regular admission rates apply All the fun of the Corn maze with the added excitement of navigating your way through the twist and turns in the dark. The Great Scarecrow Parade! One of the largest displays of scarecrows in the upper tri-state area! Individuals, groups and organizations are encouraged to join in the fun by creating their own Scarecrow for the maze. Scarecrows should be a minimum of three feet tall, maximum of six feet tall.
4749 Hermantown Road, Hermantown, Minnesota, 55811

Corn Mazes

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Non-Profit Fundraiser Information Download Flyer What is the Engwall's Corn Maze Fundraiser? This is a simple and easy fall fundraiser. Why should we participate in this fundraiser? Fundraising is a necessary part of maintaining a non-profit, but it takes away from fulfilling your organization’s mission. Since Engwalls Corn Maze opened in 2010, we have had a fundraising component for a few area charities and non-profits. Last year as we watched attendees of all ages enjoy the maze and other activities at the Engwalls Corn Maze and Agri-tainment Center, a light blinked on! Why not offer an easy way for any local non-profit organization to raise money to support their great programs? We know traditional fundraising opportunities can be time consuming and are often hard to participate in, so we’ve tried to make this one as easy as possible. Who can use this fundraiser? This fundraiser is designed for Non-profit organizations supporting youth. For example: Parent Teacher Organizations, Youth Groups, Those raising money for a sports team/ the arts/extracurricular activity, etc. When can we start this fundraiser? You may begin to distribute your fundraiser cards this summer, and they can be redeemed during the 2014 Corn Maze Season - September 13th to October 26th. We will issue your check at the conclusion of the season for the total number of cards redeemed with your organization’s name on them. How do we get the word out to our supporters? You distribute cards to any of your organization’s supporters at your convenience wherever you may be, and cards are redeemed at our unique Urban Corn Maze, located at 4749 Hermantown Rd. Hermantown, MN. How do we sign up? Contact Tracy or Breanna at Lundeen Productions, 218-727-1177, to get your organization signed up. Once you are registered you will receive your organization’s fundraiser cards. You just distribute those cards to anyone you know who wants to support your organization. Any fundraiser card that is turned in when purchasing a full price Corn Maze Admission will earn your organization $1.


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4749 Hermantown Road, Hermantown, Minnesota, 55811
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