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Fall Festival Activities & Pricing include: Farm Tours - The tour takes you on a hay wagon ride to the farm, then you can get off and see all the animals. Some of the animals you will find are calves, miniature donkeys (yep, we have a Dominick the donkey!), horses, llamas, sheep, chickens, goats, bunnies, a zonkey and even a water buffalo. Then when you have a chance to see all the animals, you can catch the next hayride right to our pumpkin patch. Then after you have found your perfect pumpkin and gourds you will take another hayride back to our farm stand area. The cost per person is $7.00 and $4.00 for children 5 and under. Corn Maze -Take a walk through this year's corn maze. It is $7.00/person and children 5 and under are $4.00/person. * Combination Price – Farm Tour & Corn Maze, $12.00/person and $7.00/person for children 5 and under. Pumpkin Patch Only - Short on time, take our hayride to only the pumpkin patch. This gives you the perfect opportunity for a great hayride and to find your perfect pumpkin in the patch. The price for the Pumpkin Patch only hayride is $4.00 per person. Prices - The pumpkins and large, fancy gourds are 63 cents per lb. There are pumpkins available at the stand if you do not want to take the ride. The regular gourds are 75 cents each or 5 for $3.00. You can also find the larger, fancy gourds in the patch like apple, snake, club and swan. Goodies from our MarketStand - At the stand are apples, cider, mums, corn stalks, jams/jellies, pies, breads, cider donuts, straw bales, all sorts of baskets and crafts. Pony Rides - Blue, Spot and Midnight are waiting for you. Pony rides are $5.00 a ride (weekend's only & weather permitting) Belly Bounce - Come enjoy our new Bounce House - Winken - the little ones can enjoy a fun time bouncen around. Bounce House rides are only $4.00 each (height & weight restrictions apply) Weekday Hay Rides - Hay rides will be available from 2 PM - 5:30 PM starting September 26. Scare Farm - Do you think you have what it takes to make it through Scare Farm, our haunted attractions? Scare Farm has 3 haunted attraction, Creepy Hollow & Paranoia which are both walking haunted trails and The Slay Ride, our all new haunted hayride. Scare Farm is open the last Fariday & Saturday in September, then throughout the month of October on Friday, Saturday & some Sunday nights. Our corn maze will also be open at night to walk thru with a flash light, for the less faint of heart. For more details on Scare Farm, please check out the Scare Farm website. Sorry No Pet or Smoking Allowed.
116 South Branch Road, Hillsborough Township, New Jersey, 08844

Corn Mazes

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Farm Animals Many years ago in North-Central New Jersey, if you did not live on a farm, you most certainly were related to or knew someone that did. Today with many farmers from the area either retiring with no one to take over or moving out of the area, it has become more and more difficult to find a true working farm. For this reason we know people search high and wide to show their children the same kind of farm animals that most people worked with or got to see as kids. Here at Norz Hill Farm we feel that it is very important to keep that farming tradition going, but also help educate our younger generations to the different kinds of animals that can be found on a farm. During the summer months when you visit our Produce Stand, you and your family can see some of our animals. Then during the Fall Festival, in September and October, you can go on a hayride to the farm and see all of our animals. Below you can see some of the different kinds of animals we have on our farm. - Hours: Saturdays and Sundays in September and October 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. weather permitting (The last hayride leaves at 5:00 PM) Monday thru Friday - 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM. Starting Friday 9/26 thru Friday 10/31 we will be having weekday afternoon hayrides to the farm & pumpkin pat From Bridgewater RT 202 – 206 South. At the Somerville Circle you will stay to the left (going over the circle) to stay on RT 202 South. At your seventh traffic light you will turn left onto Chubb Way, which turns into South Branch Rd (Branchburg). Take your second left onto Studdiford Dr. Go over the metal bridge and turn Right at the Stop on to South Branch Rd (Hillsborough). Your second left is the continuation of South Branch Rd (Rt 625). From Flemington RT 202 North to Chubb Way (turn right), which turns into South Branch Rd (Branchburg). Take your second left onto Studdiford Dr. Go over the metal bridge and turn Right at the Stop on to South Branch Rd (Hillsborough). Your second left is the continuation of South Branch Rd (Rt 625). From Princeton Route 206 North. In Hillsborough make a left onto Rt. 514 Amwell Rd. At third traffic light turn Right onto Beekman Lane. At next traffic light turn left onto South Branch Rd (Rt 625.) It has a hard bend to the right, you'll go on a bridge over a set of RR tracks, and then the Rd has a hard bend to the left. About 1 mile on the left you will see the farm.


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116 South Branch Road, Hillsborough Township, New Jersey, 08844
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