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Begin your adventure into Pumpkins and More with a free hayride around the farm. Pumpkins Spend time in the pumpkin patch searching through the different varieties for your perfect pumpkin. Specific varieties include the Howden Biggies which can average up to 75 pounds, carving pumpkins (16-30 pounds), and Field Trip pumpkins (10-16 pounds). Decorative pumpkins include red Cinderella, Jarrahdale, white Lumina, and long island cheese. Mini pumpkins, pie pumpkins, large and small gourds, broom and Indian corn are also available. Campfires After enjoying the family corn maze or while waiting for the haunted maze to open, relax and have a snack around the campfire. Campfire sites are available on Friday and Saturday evenings and comply with local laws regarding open flames. We provide the wood. Bring the marshmallows and enjoy an unforgettable night with your family and friends. Get lost in our incredible, 5 acre corn maze and enjoy a wonderful family experience as you navigate the twists and turns of the maze together. Haunted Maze How brave are you? Find out by a spook through our haunted maze. The haunted maze will be open at dusk on Saturday nights beginning October 6th. 13 and under CAUTION!!! Cow Train Enjoy an aMOOsing trip around the farm on Clarabelle, Bessy, Jezebel, Molly, and Loo-Loo. Created from barrels and pulled by a tractor or 4-wheeler, cow trains are an exciting activity for everyone. Spider Web Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a spider? Find out on our giant spider web. It’s great for climbing and exploring. Corn Cannon How good is your aim? Find out with our corn cannon as you shoot ears of corn at various targets. $1 for 3 ears of corn. Children 10 and under must have parental supervision. Duck Races A twist on a classic carnival game, duck races will test your pumping power. Made from old-fashioned hand pumps and pipes, this attraction appeals to those with a competitive spirit. Buy your rubber duck for $1 and race it as many times as you want. Corn box Come play in the corn box. A farm twist on the well-known sandbox, a corn box helps create a memorable experience for families. Children’s Maze A less-challenging but still entertaining straw bale maze where the wee-ones can try their luck Straw bale Mountain Kids can climb to the top of Straw bale Mountain for a good look at the farm. Horse Swing Take a swing on one of our rubber tire swings in the shape of horses. A fun activity for children of all ages with child and adult swings available. Slides Another classic farm experience, slide down our homemade slides.
U.S. 385, Holyoke, Colorado, 80734

Corn Mazes

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Field Trips When you take your students on a farm field trip at Pumpkins and More, they can look forward to a fun and engaging experience. Amid all of the entertainment and recreation, students will discover a whole bushel of knowledge about a wide range of subjects including corn, farming, agricultural products, farming technology, and the important role that agriculture plays in the American economy and their day-to-day lives. A scheduled field trip can be accompanied with a curriculum of pre-trip and post-trip activities created by professional writers under the guidance of individuals with experience as teachers and maze operators. Field trips, youth groups, and other organizations – please call ahead to reserve your special day on our amazing farm! - DIRECTIONS: From Holyoke: Drive six miles south of the stoplight down Highway 385 to County Road 10. Then drive three and a half miles east. The roads will be marked with signs pointing to the pumpkin patch and maze. From Wray: Drive 30 miles north of the stoplight down Highway 385 to County Road 10. Then drive three and a half miles east. The roads will be marked with signs pointing to the pumpkin patch and maze. *Pumpkins and More will be available by appointment during the weekday for field trips, youth groups, and large groups.


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U.S. 385, Holyoke, Colorado, 80734
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