ABOUT "AppleWood Orchard Corn Maze"
We are very excited to offer a 10 acre corn maze for your enjoyment. The maze will be open Monday through Saturday from 9-6 and on Sunday from 12-6. The cost will be $7.00 for persons 16 and over, $5.00 for persons 5-15 and free for persons under 5. Sign up for our newletter and find a coupon for the corn maze.
22702 Hamburg Avenue, Lakeville, Minnesota, 55044

Corn Mazes

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At Applewood Orchard we try to have children learn a little about apples and the farm experience. We do not have farm animals. What we do have is an hour of other farm activities. We also have picnic tables for lunches. The children each get a small bag to label with their name and are then instructed on how to pick an apple. This is the only thing we want them to remember and share with their families. They are then taken on a haywagon pulled by a tractor to the orchard and are able to pick a small bag of apples each.Kids on a Hayride at AppleWood Orchard Then we have them help make cider on an old fashioned apple press. If they are allowed they can sample the cider that they help make. We have a hedge maze with statues to find and also a haystack to play on. The cost is $6.00 per child and no charge to teachers or chaperones. For a small extra fee we can have small pumpkins available also. It takes about an hour for a class of 20-25 students to do all the activities. You are welcome to come and see us, contact us online, or just give us a call to set up a time to visit or get more information. Our phone number is 952-985-5425. - From Minneapolis or St. Paul, come south on Cedar Ave (77) through Apple Valley. Keep going south past Cty Rd 50 & 70. Turn right on 225th St.W. and come in 1/2 mile to Hamburg Ave. Turn left. There are signs on Cedar & 225th St.and on 225th & Hamburg. You will see the white barns with the green roofs when you turn onto 225th St. W. Alternate Route: Stay on Southbound I35W. Exit on Cty Rd 70 and go east. (This is the Lakville Farmington exit). Continue on Cty Rd 70 until you come to Cedar Avenue(77). Turn right or south on Cedar. After you pass the Airlake Airport on your right the next turn to your right is 225th St. W. Turn right and follow the signs.


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22702 Hamburg Avenue, Lakeville, Minnesota, 55044
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