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About 60,000 corn plants make up this year’s maze, and most grow up to 10 feet tall, nice and high so the maze is more challenging and more fun! Come on out and get lost! You can Maze three ways… 1.) Go in. Get out. 2.) Go in. Find all five stations, and solve the Clue mystery. Find your way out. 3.) Go in. Find all five stations, and solve the Clue mystery. Find Station X, and answer the mystery question. Find your way out. No matter how you tackle the maze, we know you’ll find the way out, eventually, and we know you’ll have a great time trying! Who loves the maze?? Find out what people of all ages are saying… It took several family members many hours of hard work to create this year’s design, then the family heads out to the field to carve out all the pathways that actually make the four-acre maze! When maze season ends, we’ll till the stalks back into the ground to increase soil fertility. HAYRIDES A hayride on a sunny fall weekend Here’s a great way to see the farm, a hayride! Hayrides run throughout the September and October from 3 pm to dusk on Fridays and all day on Saturdays and Sundays. And they’re FREE! Discover the secrets of farming! On fall weekends, we also offer horse-drawn farm tours. Pulling the wagons, our two Belgian-Suffolk draft horses Fred and Fran. Narration by a knowledgeable farm friend. And all for only $3 per person! The horse-drawn farm tour is now done for the 2012 season. Give us a day and time (and two week’s notice), and we’ll do our best to arrange a hayride or horse-drawn wagon ride just for your group. Private hayrides cost $50 and horse drawn wagon rides $100. A farm tour with Fred and Fran Sorry, private rides are not available during busy fall weekends. PETTING ZOO Our friendly petting zoo oberhasli goats Our friendly oberhasli goats Come visit the goats and our alpaca, George! You’ll find big goats and little ones, black ones and brown ones, and several different breeds. They’re all gentle, friendly, and very cute. And…they all love attention! Watch them nuzzle up to be petted or ask for a treat from the grain dispensers you’ll find right nearby. Come visit in the spring, the end of May to early June, and you’ll get to see the baby goats too! All the goats are waiting to see you, so take a trip to Treworgy Family Orchards soon! Our award-winning herd of high quality dairy goats make great pets. Ask us if you would like to purchase a goat of your own!
3876 Union Street, Levant, Maine, 04456

Corn Mazes

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ICE CREAM SHOP Enjoying an ice cream on a hot day We love ice cream here at Treworgy Family Orchards, and we serve up the best! You can choose from 25 flavors of soft serve, including chocolate and vanilla twist, or your favorite award-winning Gifford’s hard ice cream, we’ve got 16 flavors! Enjoy a cone or try one of our delicious sundaes, parfaits, shakes, frappes, or floats. And don’t forget to ask about all the other treats on our ice cream menu, and about our homemade chocolate chip cookies, fresh-baked brownies, and our scrumptious homemade chocolate sauce. - CONTACT Address: 3876 Union Street, Levant ME USA 04456 Call us at: 207-884-8354 Email us at: info@treworgyorchards.com Hours of Operation: 10am to dusk, Tue. thru Sun. Closed Mondays.


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3876 Union Street, Levant, Maine, 04456
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