ABOUT "Hampton Corn Maze"
Come and enjoy an amazing walk through our corn maze; with the swaying green corn stalks and trails of anticipated excitement and wit. You can start your adventure by taking a half-mile tractor and wagon hayride from the shop the field, pay close attention to the surroundings if it is still light out, you make catch a glimpse of some of the roaming wildlife. You will exit the hayride at the pavilion where you will begin your adventure. The corn maze is a two part leisurely excursion with twists, turns and dead ends. In between the two parts is a great time to return to the pavilion to relax and replenish with a cold soft drink, bag of chips, or a candy bar. Once you have completed your adventure through the corn maze, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to take a stroll through the u-pick pumpkin patch! This is a great time to search for that perfect pumpkin in order to show off your carving/painting skills or to just spend that quality time with your loved ones. After you have enjoyed your leisurely stroll through the corn maze and pumpkin patch you can catch one of the tractor pulled wagons back up to the shop to settle up on your pumpkin(s). Just a few things to keep in mind... With each child’s admission to the corn maze, they will receive a ticket for the barrel rides. If you come after dark, remember to bring a flashlight. We do have flashlights for sale. You just have not had enough?? We have you covered! We have fire rings available for reservation. We will build the fire and supply roasting sticks – you provide the vittles and supplies. Please call for reservations and pricing on fire rings and groups. If you have any questions that we have not covered, please don’t hesitate giving a call! We look forward to seeing you off on your adventure and thank you for your business. Campfire Reserve a spot for your group to roast hot dogs and marshmallows or to just gather and tell stories! $60.00 - this includes admission for up to 10 people for the corn maze. Also includes starting of fire and wood for 2 hours. Call to make a reservation for a campfire.
6817 Highway 38, Marshfield, Missouri, 65706

Corn Mazes

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6817 Highway 38, Marshfield, Missouri, 65706
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