ABOUT "A-Maize-ing Farms"
Attractions Kentucky's largest corn maze Hayride Giant Inflatables Corn Cannon Pumpkins Mums Fall Decorations Photo Props Petting Zoo (Saturday's Only)
715 East Broadway Street, Mayfield, Kentucky, 42066

Corn Mazes

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Groups Church Groups Fellowship, Fun & Family – There is not a better way to spend the day! A-Maize-Ing Farms keeps the spirit of Fall alive in an entertaining and fun atmosphere. Bring your Sunday School class or the entire congregation. Kentucky’s largest corn maze, hayride, corn cannon, and giant inflatables can keep everyone entertained all day. Want a lasting memory? Be sure to take a Sunday School group picture while on the hayride! A-Maize-Ing Farms offers a fun and clean alternative to traditional Fall and Halloween activities. A-Maize-Ing Farms will be a church outing that will be remembered forever! Church Group Rates Ages < 2 Free with paid adult admission Ages 2-5 $3.00 Ages 6+ $8.00 School Field Trips On any given morning you will see the sights and hear the sounds of children laughing, learning, and playing. Offering fun and educational field trips to students is a priority to us. We believe it is important to provide an experience that teaches children the importance of agriculture. We are able to do this in a fun and unique way! Each Field Trip includes: Educational lesson. A free mini pumpkin for each student. Access to Kentucky's largest corn maze. The maze can be sectioned off into smaller areas if teachers desire this. Hayride Giant Inflatables Corn Cannon School Field Trips are priced individually based on the number of students attending. Please contact us for more info and available dates. - Contact A-Maize-ing Farms A-Maize-Ing Farms 715 East Broadway Mayfield, KY 42066 Phone: 270-705-4992 A-Maize-Ing Farms is located beside Gibson's Pharmacy and Family Dollar.


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715 East Broadway Street, Mayfield, Kentucky, 42066
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