ABOUT "Cherry Crest Adventure Farm"
Located in the heart of PA Dutch Country, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is a unique place where fun, family, and farming come together. A leader on the growing edge of "agri-tainment", we work hard to give your family an opportunity to laugh and learn while engaging in a variety of wholesome activities on our working farm! We farm 365 days a year but the "agri-tainment" division is open just 85 days. We're also a great choice for school or work groups looking to book a field trip, company picnic, teambuilding event, or when looking for fun things to do or tourist attractions in Lancaster, PA. Our farm has so much to offer, you'll need 4-5 hours to experience everything! Why not plan to make a day of it and let us take care of the rest! The Amazing Maize Maze™ Things to do in Summer Corn Maze What is a Corn Maze? What is a Corn Maze? Spend about an hour in the world's most dynamic and interactive 5-acre corn maze with over 2.5 miles of paths, scenic bridges, and clues. And don't worry if you take the wrong path! Our two Maze Masters are always on hand to get you back on track! Getting Through Our Maze To find your way through our cornfield maze, your group will first receive instruction from our helpful staff. Then, walking at your own pace, the world's most interactive maze will entertain and tease you as you happen across the Kernels of Knowledge along with a variety of clues, tunnel slides, watering stations, and much more! You will be swayed along as our "Maze Master" spins tunes from a musical library that appeals to just about every musical taste. Oh, and don't forget to check out our bird's eye view from the two bridges where you can see everyone's flags waving high above the corn! The average time to find Victory is about 1 hour, but don't worry, plenty of help is stationed along the way if you get turned around. Rest assured, we've never lost anyone yet! Kids looking through corn at Corn Maze Challenge Chooser Challenge Chooser Our Challenge Chooser levels are available to help you and your group have the best possible maze experience: EASY: For a quick trip around the maze, follow the yellow trail markers. You'll go around the outside edge of the maze, past some of the activities and mailboxes. This challenge takes approximately 20 minutes. INTERMEDIATE: If you want to spend a bit more time exploring the maze, use the orange clues to help keep you on track! This challenge involves more problem-solving and takes approximately 45 minutes. DIFFICULT: If your goal is to complete the ultimate challenge of finding all the map pieces and all the Kernels of Knowledge, then you're on your own! But keep an eye out for the red signs of encouragement along the way. This challenge takes approximately ??? hours... it's up to you! Kids of All Ages LOVE Our Corn Maze! Whether you're 5 or 55, our corn maze offers a challenging and fun adventure that inspires creativity and teamwork. In fact our corn maze is the perfect activity for school field trips or corporate team building programs. For details on group outings click here and plan your next outing at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm! maize Mazes Designed by Don Frantz Mazes Designed by Don Frantz Through his expertise as former Disney Broadway producer and co-owner of The American Maze Company, Don Frantz produces a professional and unique entertaining agricultural experience at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm. And while similar mazes are popping up all over the country, all others pale in comparison to the experience of The Amazing Maize Maze™. In short, Frantz's entertainment expertise has pioneered the path for the mazes of America to not only challenge us, but also to entertain the masses well into the next millennium. We invite you to "play" in our Courtyard, where you'll enjoy these fun activities: CY Express Ride Wagon Express All aboard! The Cherry Crest Adventure Farm Express is a short wagon ride through the cornfield. 2007 2nd sm Farm Wagon Tour Our Farm Wagon Tour is an informative 20 minute ride around the Cherry Crest Farm property. Our guests learn about the history of the farm and interesting facts about farming and agriculture. CY Pedal Carts Pedal Kart Tracks Our 2 pedal kart tracks offer kids of all ages the opportunity to "race" around in the corn track setting. HM Kentzel2 sm Rubber Duck Race One of the many group interactive fun activities. Pick a chute and pump away. First one to the bottom wins! 2009 1st sm Farm Experience Center Come meet and feed the goats, llamas, pigs and other farm animals in our Farm Experience Center. Discovery Barn Stage Discovery Barn Check out educational displays and the activities in the Discovery Barn! Catch a butter-making demonstration or stage show out back on the Discovery Barn Stage. 2009 honor03 sm Baby Chicks Hatchery A favorite here at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm! Watch the chicks hatch and hold these cute, fuzzy babies! 2008 1st sm Bucking Bronco Swing a leg over this rough rider and throw your hand into the air as your partner tries to buck you off! Straw bale maze Straw Bale Maze Come challenge your brain with this mind-bending logic maze! Fun for all ages! cherry crest web site CCAF Web Site Channel your inner Spiderman and climb all over our giant "web site"! Plus a Picnic Area, Bee Hive Observation, Rain Room, Schoolhouse Sweets Shop... and MORE!!!
150 Cherry Hill Road, Ronks, Pennsylvania, 17572

Corn Mazes

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150 Cherry Hill Road, Ronks, Pennsylvania, 17572
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