ABOUT "Apple County Farm & Corn Maze"
Apple Country Farm Market Corn Maze Adventure is a 9-acre corn maze, where getting lost means having fun! One lookout tower and two lookout bridges give you the opportunity to see out over the corn maze. We have nine stations throughout the corn maze with questions to be answered (fun facts) — and the correct answers will help guide you through the corn maze. We also have a children’s mini maze, hayrides, pumpkins, pumpkin painting, scarecrow building, barnyard animals and a barnyard playground area. It’s a challenge for “kids” of all ages — from 2 to 92! New Interactive Games! MAiZE-O-POLY: A fun new scavenger hunt game that adds a challenge to YOUR corn maze adventure! This game includes fun and education all-in-one, plus earn the chance to win $$$ and be designated "Farmer of the EAR"! Simon Says: Spin the spinning wheel and follow the command of Simon! A simple, yet silly interactive game that's fun for all ages! Corn Maze Journey The corn maze journey begins with instructions for the corn maze given by your corn maze cop (corn maze employee.) After the briefing, visitors obtain a game sheet that includes the theme’s storyline. The Corn Maze is more than just a corn maze — it is a unique, fun filled, interactive adventure for families and friends that entertains all who are willing to take the challenge. If You Need Help … To ensure everyone finds their way out of the corn maze, patrons can signal for help by using the signal flag they received at the entrance. Help is never far away; staff members are stationed inside the corn maze to offer helpful hints to lost and frustrated visitors. Apple Country Farm Market provides an outdoor adventure in a safe and friendly environment that the whole family will enjoy! In addition to the Corn Maze, Apple Country Farm Market offers other family-friendly activities and farm-fresh attractions. Throughout the farm you will find Photo Op props — bring your camera and take lots of pictures! Share them with us on Facebook or FlickR. Pick your own pumpkins – Pumpkin painting – Scarecrow building – Cow Train Mini-maze (popular with small children) – Pumpkin Launcher demonstrations Farmyard play area – Tractor-drawn hayrides - Campfires For Groups The farm is a great place to host groups outings and events. We welcome church groups, scouts, family get-togethers, youth groups and corporate events. Contact us for information on scheduling, event packages, food options and more. Birthday parties at the farm can be a memorable event for children, with lots of things for them to do and see.
2323 U.S. 42, Spring Valley, Ohio, 45370

Corn Mazes

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Apple County Farm & Corn Maze PHOTOS

2323 U.S. 42, Spring Valley, Ohio, 45370
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