ABOUT "Davis Mega Maze"
Davis Mega Maze Zombies OPENS in August! Davis Mega Maze is the #1 Corn Field Maze in the World (CNN) Davis Mega Maze! Davis Mega Maze encompasses 8 acres of corn and almost 3 miles of puzzling pathway networks. It offers opportunities that will appeal to any type of gamer. Spend a few hours or the entire day. If your looking for more of an adventure, try one, or all of our 7 Extreme Mazing Levels, which allows guests to tailor their experience to their desired intensity. Test your mental and physical abilities by completing challenges like sling shots, obstacle courses, belly bouncers ,brain teasers and surprises as you navigate through the twists and turns of this colossal CORN-undrum . RULES Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Do not make short cuts or harm the crop in anyway. There are serious penalties for doing so. No Smoking allowed on the maze grounds. No running in the maze. No pets allowed on the maze grounds. MAZE COURTYARD Begin your a-maze-ing adventure in the Mega Maze Courtyard! Here you will find Guest Services, souvenirs, food, picnic tents, portable toilets and our International Collection of 6 Minute Mazes. These mazes are all different and popular in different areas around the world. Some mazes are more comfortable for children and others are more enjoyable for grandparents. Each maze requires different faculties to complete. They are an awesome warm-up for your next step-the Mega Maze. Flashlight Mazing! Davis Mega Maze the world’s most complex cornfield maze, invites you to try navigating the twists and turns of this 8-acre colossal land sculpture using only your flashlight! Join us Friday and Saturday Nights beginning Friday, September 13th to experience the maze in a whole new light. We suggest bringing a flashlight or purchasing one as you go through admissions.
145 Redstone Hill Road, Sterling, Massachusetts, 01564

Corn Mazes

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145 Redstone Hill Road, Sterling, Massachusetts, 01564
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