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How much does it cost to get into the farm? Check our website for the latest prices. What age are the activities for? The corn box is for young children; The mazes are designed to meet any age and adventure level. Children under 6 years of age should probably not go in alone. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Do you close in bad weather? We will attempt to be open in all weather. If it is raining or has rained a lot, we may be closed. Check our website or call 330-350-2486 to see if we are able to be open. What type of clothes should we wear? While we work hard to keep things neat, remember that you are visiting a farm and a cornfield. Comfortable, sturdy shoes are a good idea, as is dressing in layers in case the days warm up. Do you have restrooms on site? We have portable toilets outside. May I walk my dog (or other pet) through the maze? While we also love pets, we ask that you leave them at home for everyone’s safety. Are you open at night? Our plan is to close most of the activities at 6pm, Tuesday – Friday and Sunday. On Saturday’s we will have ‘flashlight nights’ so you can walk thru the maze after dark. Do you have haunted attractions? No, our focus is on a fun time in the maze, and we do not have haunted attractions. Do you do field trips or group events? Please call 330-350-2486 to discuss group events. We’ve held the ‘Best Birthday Ever’ for one youngster. It’s also a great place for a company event, family reunion, Scout or 4-H outing. We have a special Group rate for Daytime School Group Tours – “Experience the Harvest” for $6, which includes: • Guided Tour • Hayride • Corn Maze • One small pumpkin • Appointments available between 9am and 3pm Tuesday – Friday, Starting August 28 • Groups must include 1 adult for every 7 children Can we smoke or drink alcohol at your farm? Fall is a dry season, even after a rain, and cornfields are very flammable! Please do not smoke anywhere on our farm. By law, alcohol is not permitted on our farm. How do I get to your farm? Our farm is located at 2200 Station Road, between State Routes 18 and 303. Click HERE for a map and directions. Is there food available if we want a snack? We will have Pumpkin cutout cookies, caramel corn and beverages available during open hours. On weekends we have food (sandwiches, French fries, caramel apples…) provided by Lisa’s Lunch. A-Mazing Activities!! Weekdays Candy Farm Corn Maze Dress a Scarecrow Animals to pet Hay pile to climb (weather permitting) Corn ‘Sandbox’ Left-Turn Only Maze Logic Game Food: Sodas, snacks (caramel corn, cookies) Pick a Pumpkin in our Pumpkin Patch Additional Activities every Weekend Hayrides Food: Sandwiches, fries, snacks by Lisa’s Lunch Special Events!! Corn Maze – Test your sense of direction in our 5-acre corn maze. The maze contains approximately 2 miles of paths divided into two sections. Signs feature QR Code’s so you can use your smartphone to find your way! Hayride – On weekends, take a hayride around the farm – to see our fields and woods and the wonderful fall colors. Hay Climber – Find your way to the top of our hay pile. Left-turn only Maze – This is a simple maze if you just walk thru. But see if you can find your way thru with only left turns. Pick your own Pumpkins – choose your pumpkin for carving as you leave the maze, or pick a pumpkin from the display out in front of the market. (Additional cost of $3) Decoration Hunt – Find cornstalks, gourds, Indian Corn, bales of Straw to decorate your home for Fall. Picture Perfect – Have your picture taken in our Picture Boards, dress a Scarecrow, and play our other games.
2200 Station Road, Valley City, Ohio, 44280

Corn Mazes

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2200 Station Road, Valley City, Ohio, 44280
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