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Find the scariest REAL HAUNTED HOUSES in Wyoming including haunts in Cheyenne, Laramie, Casper, Yellowstone, Jackston, Wyoming. Hauntworld helps you find supernatural happenings across the state of Wyoming especially attractions that allow people to find ghosts, investigate, and go on ghost hunts. Wyoming features some of the scariest real haunted houses, graveyards, hotels, prisons, abandoned buildings, and scary attractions.
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Angry Spirits at the Library


Hearing the story of the Sweetwater County Library will teach you a very important lesson. Never mess with graveyards or you will disrupt the spirits that linger there.

The Sweetwater County Library is without a doubt the scariest place in Wyoming. The library opened in 1980 and shortly after the opening, problems started to occur. Appliances and lights started to go on and off randomly and books flew off the shelves at night. It was almost immediately that these experiences started to occur. A few years’ later people started hearing strange voices and flapping noises throughout the library. That was when the people in the city realized that their local library was haunted.

If that wasn’t scary enough, soon balls of light were seen wandering around the halls. The people who witnessed these balls of light believe them to be supernatural orbs. Typewriters started typing on their own and gates began swinging uncontrollably. There was never any reason or rhyme for these things happening. Nothing could explain why these things were happening. 

Sometimes the recorder in the library would record on its own. It would record the air and sometimes clicks and loud breathing would be heard on the recording. This was where people working at the library drew the line. They desperately wanted to know why this was happening to their library.

After extensive research, they found that the library was built directly on top of a cemetery from the 1800s. Supposedly graves were moves in the early 1920s, but bodies kept turning up. They thought they had moved all the graves, but there were always more bodies found. A slew of bodies were found in the 1940s and again in the 1980s and it’s likely that there are still bodies underneath the library today.

This serves as a great lesson about not disturbing cemeteries. Do not build on top of a cemetery or you are sure to hear from the spirits who are upset that you disturbed their peace.

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