When visiting the street of Montgomery, you may want to be on the look out for a black 1988 Chevy Caprice hearse. Inside you will find the tour guide, ShannonFontainewearing a all black suit with a black top hat and sunglasses. A spooky sight for sure. One great thing about this haunted tour is how real it is. Take it from this retired detective, he knows all the haunted mansions and has heard all the reports of haunted locations and unexplained paranormal activity. You can see many of Montgomery's greatest unsolved mysteries, tragic accidents and more!One of the many things you are sure to enjoy on this tour is the famous Huntingdon College's, "Red Lady" Dorm, A tragic story of a young girl who was almost forced by her family to go to Huntingdon College. Having a true kind heart, but perhaps a little different on the outside, Martha had a hard time making friends. For some reason she was obsessed with the color red. She was often draped in a red robe, her room was completely covered in red, red drapes, a red praying rug and a red bedspread. Martha tried to fit it, but no one could she through her strange behaviors, she hated being there and just wanted to leave. After her behavior became even more strange and she was finally out in a room all by herself, no one wanted to be her roommate, Martha snapped. They found the dormitory president in the doorway of Martha's room. Martha had finally done what she had threatened many times, suicide. She was found with her wrists slit wearing her red robe and wrapped in her red bedspread. Martha had bled to death.This happenedmany years ago, but the students today that attend Huntington say that on the date of Martha's suicide they have seen rays of red light flashing down from her room in Pratt Hall and the Red Lady returns in her crazy red clothes to Pratt Hall.