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ABOUT "Fright Nights WV"
Fright Nights WV is celebrating our 10th Year of Fear this Halloween season! AND we are MOVING! That’s right! The attraction will remain inside The Resort at Glade Springs, but we have taken over the resorts Barn and fields to bring our fans the biggest most terrifying year yet! At our new location, we will be bringing you 5 terrifying haunt experiences including: The Hive, Slaughterhouse, Mr. Beard’s Freaks and Phobias, The Asylum, and Deadwood Manor. Opening Friday October 4th and running every Friday and Saturday through October. The Hive: Everything that farmer Mike knew about the world has changed when a UFO crashed landed on his property. Strange beings have scattered and are hidden around every corner ready to kill. You must hunt them or be hunted. Slaughterhouse: When darkness falls, the pig man comes out of hiding, turning his victims into his next bbq meal. With only a flashlight, can you find your way through his deadly farm without being captured? Mr. Beard’s Freaks & Phobias: Mr. Beard’s Freaks & Phobia’s Traveling Sideshow is a spine-tingling, multi-sensory spectacle. See such sinister sideshows as The Man-Eating Chicken, Madame Fate’s Misfortunes, Deep Sea Mysteries & Evil Oddities collected from the Jungle. The Asylum: Asylum was shut down and abandoned in 1974 due to cruel and unusual experiments on the criminally insane. People say the ghosts of its most hostile patients still reside within its cells and corridors Deadwood Manor: Deadwood Manor's past has been filled with dark deeds, sorted characters, and unbelievable acts of horror bringing you a truly haunted experience inside every room. From spirits and monsters, the dead, and the living- we're not sure whom or what you should fear most. Monster Midway: Enjoy entertainment and midway style games while you wait to enter the attraction. Ticket includes ALL Haunt Experiences! *Portion of every ticket is donated the The United Way of Southern WV Fright Nights is mostly an INDOOR haunted attraction and is open during rain or snow. We will only close if it is severe weather. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing! For more information check out our website:
255Resort Drive, Daniels, West Virginia, 25832

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Tickets are $22 online or $25 at the door and include all five new haunted experiences: The Hive Alien Laser Tag, Slaughterhouse, Freaks & Phobias, The Asylum, and Darkwood Manor

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255Resort Drive, Daniels, West Virginia, 25832
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