Broken Arrow Oklahoma, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, 74011

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The Tulsa Spirit Tour was created in 2003 by Teri French-White and were the first of their kind in Oklahoma. Teri is the founder of the Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa and the Author of Tulsa's Haunted Memories. She has been researching Tulsa's haunted history since 1998. The Tulsa Spirit Tour has been sharing Tulsa's colorful past with locals and visitors alike for over a decade. The tours began as a bus/trolley tour and have now grown to include a walking tour and pub crawl. They are rich with Tulsa history and dipped with ghost stories that will leave you curious and wanting more. Please visit the Tulsa Spirit Tours website to learn more about the tours - where we go, the schedules of different tours, frequently asked questions and more. Do we get to go inside? Do we get out on the bus tours? Yes, we do get off the? bus on a few stops. As for going inside, that depends on what the venues have planned the night of the tour, it depends entirely on their event schedule. If they have someone available and nothing scheduled we might get to go inside, but this is not a guarantee. We will not know their availability until closer to the date of the tour. We usually always get inside one location, but we would keep it a secret anyway! The tours can be full of surprises!? Can I bring my children? We do have a rule that no one under the age of 16 are admitted without a parent or guardian. The reason being we will recount our "experiences" at these locations which can be disturbing for the younger audience. We suggest to use your best judgment if you intend to bring someone under the age of 16. Will it be scary? We can't answer that. Many of our participants have reported an "experience" during the tours. While we can not guarantee that will happen, we do know that a few of our stories are sure to give you goose bumps! What happens on the tour? On the Bus tour, you will board the Party Bus for a two hour tour of Tulsa's Most Haunted Memories. On the walking tours and pub crawls, we will meet at a specific location and walk approximately 6 blocks to different haunted buildings. You will hear the ghost stories and the history behind each location. Many of the places we visit we have had the exclusive opportunity and honor to investigate. With that, you will hear our first hand accounts and experiences while spending the night at these exclusive locations. On the bus tour we play you our EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena) that we captured during our investigations. The Tulsa history makes the tour quite informative...after all, any haunting will have a good "story" behind it! Where do you advertise the tours? Just our website and social media like Facebook. We don't advertise because word of mouth has sold out the tours so there has been no need to advertise at present. We also have some friends in radio that allowed us to promote them on the air which was a huge help, as well. Where do we go on the tours? We visit several of Tulsa's most famous landmarks. On the bus tour we have between 12 and 15 locations we stop or drive by. On the walking tour we have about 6 to 8 locations we discuss. How do I get tickets? Click on the "Buy Tickets" button on the navigation bar of this website and follow the prompts. When you check out, it will take you to PayPal. It's perfectly safe and secure and accepts both credit cards and checks. Using PayPal GUARANTEES a spot for you on the tour since we get the request immediately. If you mail in a check and the tour sells out before we receive it, we will have to call you and offer alternate dates. However, if you would rather snail mail a check, please call Teri at 918-694-7488 for address and other information. Both the walking and bus tours require reservations. We will allow walk-ups to the walking tours but bus tours are limited on seating availability. What should we do if we're not sure a tour will be cancelled due to weather? If you are unsure if a tour will be cancelled, you can check our social media - we will announce it on Facebook if it is cancelled. This has only happened twice and both times we were abe to get in touch with everyone prior to the tour. If necessary, Teri will be at the meeting location to make sure people are aware the tour has been cancelled and get rescheduled dates from those who arrive. If I purchase my ticket in advance and can't go or forget about the tour, can I reschedule or get a refund? Unfortunately, due to limited availability, we will not offer refunds or exchanges if you do not show up for a tour. We usually wait 5 minutes for anyone who may be running a bit late, but we usually leave promptly at the time the tour is to start. You're welcome to meet us at a location if you have a reservation. You can always reschedule and take another tour, but you will have to pay for tickets to that tour as well. We will not transfer seats to another tour unless we cancel the tour, ourselves. Please note: We do not mail paper tickets. After your purchase, you will get a confirmation receipt from PayPal and we will also e-mail you confirmation of your tour. Either of two confirmation sheets can act as your ticket.


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Broken Arrow Oklahoma, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, 74011
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