ABOUT "The Ghosts of The Molly Brown House"
For many their first paranormal encounter with the ghost was about 20 years ago. Please follow along as you will feel like you are along this journey with someone you was there 20 years ago and witnessed her ghost and everything you are about to hear...... It is an amazing place full of history and a warmth that cannot be described. During the tour, we passed a bedroom on the upper floor. I smelled a light floral scent for a split second before it was gone. No one else noticed it and I said nothing. I didn’t think too much about it and quickly forgot about it until my next visit. I was so enthralled with Molly Brown the legend that I decided to visit the museum again a year later. This time I took a walking tour of haunted Denver which included a visit to Molly’s Denver mansion. When we went upstairs I did not smell the floral scent as I had during my first visit, but a woman in the tour asked her friend if she smelled roses? The tour guide smiled and said – “Ah yes, that is our friendly ghost!” She explained that they believe it to be Molly or another female attached to the location. The ghost makes herself known by sharing her favorite rose scented perfume. I remembered smelling the same thing myself on the first tour, but this time I could not pick it up. I was a little disappointed but very excited to learn the tale of ghost. Many years later I would take a friend to visit the house once again. This time she smelled the roses and once again, I did not. I stayed behind the tour group until I caught a scent of the perfume myself and then, satisfied, ran to catch up with the tour guide. I’m sure everyone must’ve found me a bit strange! Then again, I doubt they evennoticed my absence. This ghost and others in The Molly Brown House make themselves known to the volunteers and staff that work there. They are all kind spirits who do not disrupt the day to day happenings in the museum, too much. molly-brown-museum-denverSome people have reported sightings of the ghosts of Molly and her husband James Joseph Brown inside the mansion, but I have only ever run into the flowery female spirit, unless it is James who likes wearing the rose scented perfume! Hmmm… now there’s a thought! There are several other accounts of ghost sightings and disturbances inside the home of Molly Brown. There have been sightings of Molly’s mother in an upstairs window, some have smelled Mr. Brown’s tobacco (smells seem to figure prominently in the Brown house hauntings), and others have witnessed furniture disturbances inside the house. If you are in the Denver, Colorado area I highly recommend you take a tour of the Molly Brown House Museum and see what you see, or sense, or smell! If nothing else, it will be a great step back into time with a wonderful historic Denver legend – The Unsinkable Molly Brown.
1340 Pennsylvania Street, Denver, Colorado, 80203
(303) 832-4092

Ghost Tours

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Group Tours Reservations may be made for groups of 10 or more. Groups with 15 or more people qualify for the Museum's group rate and may qualify for a private tour. Advance reservations are required to receive the group rate and may be made by calling (303) 832-4092, (x 17 for School Groups, x16 for Private Groups). We can accommodate up to 22 adults per tour and two tours per hour. Please arrive 15 minutes before the time your tour is scheduled to begin. Groups arriving more than 10 minutes late will forfeit their tour. Group Cost $6.00 per person age 13 and older $3.00 per child (age 6-12) Reservation Policy A reservation fee of $50 is required at the time of your reservation. This fee will be deducted from the total cost of your tour upon arrival at the Museum. If you cancel your tour with at least 7 days notice, your reservation fee will either be refunded to you, or applied to your next visit. Cancellation with less than 7 days notice will result in forfeiture of your deposit. Bus Parking Bus parking is located on Grant between 14th and Colfax, on the east side of the Capitol building, approximately 3 blocks west of the Museum. Additional bus parking is located on Lincoln between 14th and Colfax, on the west side of the Capitol building, approximately 4 blocks west of the Museum, and on Broadway between 14th and Colfax, on the east side of Civic Center Park, approximately 5 blocks west of the Museum. Specialty Tours Specialty Tours, such as Restoration Tours and Insider’s tours, private tours, and after-hours tours are available for an added fee. - Hours & Prices Admission to the Molly Brown House Museum is by guided tour only. Our wonderful Docents will lead you through the Museum telling you the story of Denver's Titanic heroine and activist, Margaret Brown. All guided tours of the Museum last approximately 45 minutes. Museum tour tickets are available in the Carriage House Visitor's Center. Please note that some tour times each day may be sold out or unavailable. Regular Museum Hours Tours generally start every 30 minutes and begin on the hour and half hour. June, July, August Hours: Mondays Open at 10:00 am Last tour starts at 1:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday Open at 10:00 am Last tour starts at 3:30pm Sunday Open at 12:00 pm Last tour starts at 3:30pm September - May Hours: Tuesday through Saturday Sunday Open at 10:00 am Open at 12:00 pm Last tour starts at 3:30pm Last tour starts at 3:30pm


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1340 Pennsylvania Street, Denver, Colorado, 80203
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