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Explore the supernatural among the ghosts and legends of Minneapolis' original and only real ghost tour. Maybe it's the location on the shores of the fabled Mississippi or our long winter nights by a flickering fire. Perhaps it is the history of native tribes whose Spirit Island once rose from the river and has now disappeared forever. Or the legacy of fortune seekers who flocked to the area in the 1800s, some of whom found the wealth they sought and many of whom died trying. For over three centuries, men, women, and children with hopes, fears, and dreams have lived and died here. But their stories—and perhaps their spirits—remain. Nowhere is their existence more felt than in the oldest parts of the city, along the river where Spirit Island once stood. This is the site of the original St. Anthony Falls, which drew engineers and entrepreneurs, loggers and lumber pirates, saloonkeepers, floozies, and scoundrels of every stripe. Today, it is still the site of some of the city's most historic buildings and, allegedly, its best-known ghosts. High-tech ghost hunters and spiritualists alike attest to their continued presence—the weeping Ojibway woman, the lost children, the Wolfman of Nicollet Island, thebuilders, destroyers, homicides, and suicides. This is where, to this day, the ghost train runs where no tracks can be found. Below your feet, caverns, both natural and manmade, honeycomb the limestone and are home to strange things, also natural and manmade. The Real Ghost Tour™ takes you there. This is no dry history lesson or haunted house, jack-in-the-box, gore-fest. Rather, it is a thoroughly researched dramatization, drawing on real legends and real history in the actual places in which the people lived and died, the events took place, and the ghosts have been seen. Today's most modern technology brings their stories to life in an indoor, outdoor, underground tour that you, your friends, and your family will never forget. Believers and skeptics alike will find themselves swept up in the re-creations of actual events and actual sightings in the venues in which they occurred. Open your mind. Spend 90 fascinating minutes seeing what scientific and spiritual explorers alike tell us is here. See it for yourself. The Real Ghost Tour Where every story has a ghost, and every ghost has a story.
125 Southeast Main Street SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55414
(952) 888-9200

Ghost Tours

Suitable for all guests and families (HALLOWEEN FUN)
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Walking tour: $25 per person Over Night Investigations are the 4th Saturday of every month staring at 11 pm. Call for reservations. Overnight Investigations:$65 We validate parking in the St. Anthony Falls Parking Ramp and offer 25% off coupons to some of the best local St. Anthony Main restaurants!


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125 Southeast Main Street SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55414
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