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Ghost & Legends Lantern Tour Ghost of General ArnoldPlymouth's Original Ghost Tour has been entertaining visitors and locals alike since 1994. Featuring Plymouth's macabre past with incredible stories of blood, gore and ghosts, this candle-lit lantern tour provides a tantalizing view of events that have occurred in Plymouth throughout the years. On this 90 minute ghost walking tour, you'll: Relive Plymouth's haunted history as we visit haunted alleyways, unmarked burial sites, and investigate local legends throughout the tour. Discover legendary Burial Hill and hear the stories of famous Americans like colonial governor William Bradford, original pilgrim settler John Howland, and Revolutionary War hero James Warren. Learn about Plymouth's most famous shipwreck from the Revolutionary War and its connection to the notorious traitor, Benedict Arnold. Was his treachery really the cause of the ship's demise? Experience the site where the infamous Wampanoag Indian Chief Metacomet, also known as King Philip, had his decapitated head mounted in the village for over 20 years after the bloody end of King Phillip's War in 1676. Each participant carries a hand-made punched tin lantern as they experience firsthand the macabre events in Plymouth's past and the history behind them. Tour Time: 8:00 p.m. Departs at the John Carver Inn 22 Summer Street Ticket Prices: $12 adult $10 child 6-16 ( children under 6 free) $10 senior or AAA Tours available every Thurs. Fri. & Sat. June – October at 8 p.m. from the John Carver Inn Private tours are available year round with a confirmed reservation and weather permitting: $50 for 2-5 people. 6 or more $10 per person Call 774 320 5132 for reservations and details For tickets and reservation Call 617-982-8134 or 774-320-5132 or order on line. Tickets are also available at the following locations: Tickets available: on line John Carver Inn from your tour guide Boston Ghost & Legends Lantern Tour This 90 minute ghost walking tour of Boston will fascinate you. Learn about Boston's macabre past and its dark shrouded history of witches, executions, strange events, ghastly court records, and ancient tunnels. Long before the "BIG DIG" (The nick name of our underground highway project, which became the largest public works project in history) ghoulish creatures have been known to roam secret tunnels below Boston's north end. Boston Ghost Tours Hear spine tingling tales on the lantern tour.As you walk through the city by candle light through the dark alleys and little used corridors. You will discover another side of the city that most have never seen. SEE BOSTON BY NIGHT on this amazing and interesting tour. Professional guides will walk you through the most historic parts of the city. Narrating the tour at certain points of interest, and answering your many questions along the way. We would rarely cancel for the weather of any kind. Although nothing about the tour is intended to be theatrical or frightening. The tales themselves you may find creep into your bones and may prevent you from sleeping. As you find that TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION. The walking is an outdoor strenuous activity. Please be prepared to walk with the group. Dress appropriately for an outdoor activity. If you have any special needs just inform us of them, the tour is handicap accessible. Tour times: 6:00 pm ( Fridays and Saturdays in October) 8:00 pm (7 days a week year round, rain or shine) Ticket Prices: $25 adult $20 senior or AAA $15 children & students Meeting Location: Faneuil Hall Market Place Entrance Building #8 Clinton Street Boston MA 02108 New Day Time BOSTON GHOST & LEGEND TOUR Historically based ghost lore and legends Graveyard Tour Make Your Own Grave Rubbing Tour Boston on foot with your professional tour guides from Colonial Lantern Tours. See the Kings Chapel Burial Grounds, Granary Burial Ground, Old State House, Hancock Clark House, Boston Common, Faneuil Hall, The Massachusetts State House, 54th Regiment Civil War Memorial, Boston Athenaeum Library. 11am – 3pm – 5pm / Touring Time 90 minutes. / Length of Tour Approximately 1 mile/ Handicapped Access (Please inform us of any special needs at the time of your reservation) Tour Starts at 90 Tremont Street Meet your guide just outside the Nine Zero Hotel. The hotel is not affiliated with the tour or the company Colonial Lantern Tours it is a Kimpton Hotel. You may make reservations through their concierge and pay just the $5.00 Reservation Deposit with balance due at the beginning of your tour. This tour is about the stories not so much a ghost hunt. It is not a theatrical production or a work of fiction. These are based on actual accounts and records. You will find that truth is stranger than fiction. After the tour you may wonder why Salem is famous for witches, when you learn the little known tales of demonic possessions that happened right here in Boston. Travel no further; you have arrived at the core of the persecutions and executions for the crime of witchcraft. During the tour each participant will get the opportunity to make a grave rubbing and take home their own piece of gravestone art work. (No gravestones will be damaged or molested during this procedure) Ticket Prices: $25 for Adults $15 for Children AAA/Senior Rate Just $20 Reserve now 617-982-8134 - Tickets can be purchased in advaced from ZERVE just click the button on the left to access that site. You may also purchase tickets from the following places once in Plymouth: John Carver Inn, Pebbles, Maui Wowi, Hilton Garden, Plymouth Visitors Center, or places where you see our display. The best way to reserve a space is to call 774 454 8126. You can leave a message as to the date, time and number of guests or purchase your tickets on line. If tickets are not bought in advance, we will honor guests as space is available Is the tour appropriate for young children? Yes, many school-aged children have taken and enjoyed the tour. How much walking is involved? The route is about a mile long. We walk at a very leisurely pace. There are benches along the way if you need to rest. Please alert the guide if you need to stop! Can I book a group at a discount? Yes - Groups of 10 or more get $10.00 rate automatically discounted by the zerve system. Please call regarding groups of more than 100 people. Is the tour wheelchair- and/or stroller-accessible? Yes. We welcome wheelchairs and strollers on our tours. You do not need to contact us in advance to take the tour from a wheelchair or with a stoller. What happens if it rains or snows? The tours are held rain or shine. We will be outdoors for the entire tour. You should dress appropriately for the day's weather conditions. May I bring my dog on the tour? You can bring your dog on the tour. We only ask that you leash your dog and stay to the rear of the group. Does this tour have anything to offer a native of the area? Yes. Many locals have attended our tours and have been amazed at how many myths and legends they were not aware about, even in their own back yard! Can I buy one of the lanterns used on the tour? Yes. These lanterns are hand-crafted replicas of 17th century lanterns. They retail for $48, but you may purchase a used one from our tours for $40, tax included. Is there a discount for AAA and senior citizens? Yes, our $10 rate applies to AAA members and senior citizens. Must I buy a ticket for a very young child? Children five and under may attend the tour for free. Children six to sixteen may attend with a discounted child ticket.


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25 Summer Street, Plymouth, Massachusetts, 02360
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